9 Ear Jackets To Keep Your Ears Warm This Fall

I like to keep my earrings as simple as possible (heavier ones give me a headache and I don’t want longer ones tangled in my hair!), so I was immediately intrigued by ear jackets. These simple posts are a perfect lightweight way to make a statement! I’m loving this look on Cupcakes and Cashmere‘s Emily Schuman:

via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Here are a few of my favorite ear jackets that would be perfect for fall—I’m especially loving all of the pearl accessories for the upcoming season, and an ear jacket is a perfect way to add a little edge to this classic piece… 

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A Runway-Classy Halloween

I will not lie and tell you that I didn’t pull the “I’m a bunny!” line a few unforgettable Halloweens ago, but it certainly wasn’t my classiest or most creative moment. Being in art school has taught me that there are actually many great ways to dress for this holiday without being mainstream, un-classy or overly silly. I can laugh at some party bunnies, I can enjoy judging mini-skirts, and I truly love overly silly costumes, but I am not the kind of person who can pull off a pumpkin suit. For this reason, and also because of the fact that I never get around to planning my costume, I decided to give myself (and you, of course) some classy yet fabulous costume inspiration:

via Brenda Guerra

1. Go Vintage

There is nothing more chic than vintage. If you live in Brooklyn, you might just look like you’re going to class, but if you’re from anywhere else, it’s a fun and very fashionable choice! You’ll look different but not out of place, so if you’re a bit shy about dressing up –like me– it’s basically perfect. My inspiration for this idea came from a series of polaroids I saw the other day of my mom in her teens; she looked gorgeous and so stylish! No wonder vintage is coming back!

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What You Need To Throw A Football Gameday Party

It’s officially football season which means fall is coming, tailgating is just around the corner, and football parties are to be planned. Whether you will be planning a collegiate themed party or rooting for your favorite NFL team, I have some of the yummiest food and drinks and most creative decor you could dream of to throw the ultimate football themed party.

T H E  F O O D

In order to have a successful party, make sure there is a range of food to cater to your guests. Have the basics covered from junk food such as chips and dip, to healthier options for the health conscious people. You can never go wrong with some BBQ’d hotdogs while the weather is still nice, plus finger foods are always great and keep you from cleaning dishes later.

1. Football Bites | 2. Seven Layer Dip | 3. Football Helmet | 4. Sandwich Skewers | 5. Football Pizza | 6. Cheesy Football | 7. Football Chili Hot Dog | 8. Football Deviled Eggs

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Annie Reviews: Santa Maria Novella

I doubt I’m alone when I say I’m a fan of anything that has to do with pampering. Since becoming a mom, though, baths and showers have become purely functional; a five minute rinse just enough to be passably clean. This is why I was stoked when my best friend sent me a birthday package of Santa Maria Novella goods — their Orange Blossom Water and Rose Milk Soap — with a note telling me to make sure to pamper myself. I definitely need the reminder.

Until she sent me this package, I had no idea about Santa Maria Novella, which is one of the world’s oldest pharmacies founded in 1221. I’d say a pharmacy that’s operated for almost 800 years probably has a pretty good idea of how to make a good bath product. The pharmacy originally crafted remedies for use in the Florence monastery, but through the years they gained popularity and became widely used by noblemen and women and was known as a favorite of the Queen of France in the 1500′s. Well, if it’s good enough for her, it’s most certainly good enough for me.

The night I received my package, I decided to go all out. I grabbed a glass of wine, ran a hot bath with some bubbles and added a few splashes of the Orange Blossom Water, which from what I can tell is just sort of an all purpose toner, fragrance and skin softener. It smells absolutely heavenly — very refreshing and light but complex and just smells “expensive”. I soaked in that for a good long time and then lathered up a washcloth with the Rose Milk Soap.

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6 Fall Shoe Trends For Fall

With fall a few weeks away, stores are gearing up with end of summer and beginning of fall sales. If you want a new pair of shoes to kick-start your fall wardrobe, now is a great time to start searching for the perfect pair.

Textured prints such as tweed and herringbone are great for the cooler months since they have such a cozy material and design. Snakeskin pattern is always great for fall, so look for a new ways and styles to wear your favorite print. Embellished, peekaboo, color block and newly inspired galaxy shoes are also big fall trends.

1. Colors of California Boots - These rain boots are definitely not your typical boot for rainy weather. They’re black so they go with virtually anything, and they’re made of tweed and herringbone, both of which are huge trends this fall.

2. TOM’s Herringbone Desert Wedges - Not surprisingly Tom’s wedges are the most comfortable pair of wedges I own. The herringbone wedge in a dark shade is perfect for a winter night out or casual day to day wear.

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Fall Trend To Try: 60′s Mod

Many fall collections, look books, and magazines have been released recently and they are all unique but remain cohesive. One trend I see across many of these fall guides is 60′s Mod: bright electric patterns, bold black and white, mini skirts, tall boots and shift dresses. The trend can be tricky to master in an era with so many clashing fashion feels, but I have some tips on mastering a bold Mod look.

via JBCstyle

1. Keep It Simple

If you want to tackle the 60′s Mod look, start off by choosing one look at a time. If you wear a shift dress, knee high boots and loopy earrings you will look straight out of the 60s. That is perfect if you are trying to achieve that look, but if you want to subtly incorporate the trend into your wardrobe, start by wearing a funky geometric pattern or oversized sunnies.

2. Pair The Old With The New

If you want to keep your outfit looking modern, pair a more mod piece with a piece from this year. Look to pair a bold colored shift dress with a boyfriend blazer to keep it chic but also in this decade. Fall is the perfect time to incorporate boots into your look so buy yourself a pair of knee highs in a neutral color—this is an easy way to start wearing the mod trend now.

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5 Must-Reads For The Subway

For us city girls, public transport is a huge part of life, and usually takes too much time off of our busy day. Many times, sitting on the subway can seem like an enormous waste of time, which is why I use it as a small getaway where I don’t focus on work and where I get all my reading done. Regardless of where you read these books, these are a small selection of some of my favorites. They are smart, inspiring and they will make you laugh so much that your day will just get that much brighter. Enjoy!

1. Bossypants, Tina Fey

This hilarious somewhat-autobigraphical work by Tina Fey may just be what your rainy morning needs. As Janet Maslin from The New York Times wrote, Bossypants isn’t a memoir. It’s a spiky blend of humor, introspection, critical thinking and Nora Ephron-isms for a new generation.” In the book, Tina Fey gives us personal and life advice based on her own experiences in the most comical and relatable way possible, while always remaining painfully honest and true to herself. It is almost impossible to read an entire paragraph without jumping up and down with laughter, and if you read it in the subway like I did, it may be a bit awkward. I decided to start reading Bossypants because so many of my friends had found it “life-changing” and “genius”, both of which I agree with, however I would describe it more as: having the exact amount of humor, irony and realism that a city girl needs. For me, it was a breath of fresh air.

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