How to Get Perfect Pictures Every Time

Don’t you just hate it when pictures pop up on social media somewhere, and you just cringe because oh gosh, that photo could have turned out much better. In fact, that’s weird, you felt confident that day. But still you look, just, not as good as you felt in person! Well, here’s a a few big tips that will help make all the photos taken of you more, well, you! 

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Get The Look: Emily Thorne’s ‘Revenge’ Style

ABC’s Revenge follows Emily Thorne, played by actress Emily VanCamp, as she tries to avenge her father’s unjustified imprisonment and death. In the process, Emily gets to scheme against the Graysons, a family whose wealth and ruthlessness contributed to her father’s demise. But the best part is that we get to see Emily’s amazing Hamptons-inspired style. Read more to see how to get Emily’s classic look…

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Why I Love LUSH But How It Has Disappointed Me

For the longest time, LUSH has been one of those stores that I have simply just loved! Walking in to their stores has always been extremely pleasant, with cheerful music playing, bright and colorful items displayed and smiling faces welcoming me. However, I did some research on LUSH and was surprised, to say the least…

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The Top 4 Ways To Look Casual-Cool For Spring

There is nothing better than beautiful spring weather. Being able to run errands and head to class in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt is definitely wonderful, but I also like to make sure that I look stylish when getting dressed in the morning. Being in college and waking up early for classes means that sometimes I can get a little lazy with my fashion. However, with a couple statement pieces that are adorable and comfortable, I will be able to to look stylish and stay comfy when heading out the door. Check out some of my favorite street style looks below and get casual-cool inspired.

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Blogger Crush: Julia Engel Of ‘Gal Meets Glam’

A blogger that I can’t get enough of is Julia of fashion blog Gal Meets Glam. Read more to see some of her most recent looks…

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15 eCards for Easter!

Easter is almost here! As one of my favorite holidays, I can’t wait to celebrate this weekend and the miraculous presence of semi-warm weather (finally!) with my family. What better way to get a jumpstart than with these hilarious Easter eCards that will have you saying, ‘Did they just go there?!’

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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter, Lovelies!!

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