Holiday Stress? Here's How You Can Fall Asleep In Under 1 Minute...

via I Love Wildfox

I don't really have problems getting to sleep very often, but sometimes after a busy day I find myself lying awake in bed for about an hour before sleep. I think we've all been there—it's like we're too tired to even get to sleep! I recently read about this very helpful tip on Byrdie about falling asleep in under a minute and I tried it last night. I can't believe it works. 

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Lovelyish Gift Guide: For The Coffee Lover

via Emily McDowell

I'm pretty obsessed with coffee. I can't believe that I didn't start drinking it until college! If you're trying to buy for a coffee lover but coming up short on ideas, here are a few gifts that are perfect for your caffeine fiend...

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Trend Alert: Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have become somewhat of a trend and surprisingly enough I'm digging it. The relaxed fit is very fashionable and works for any size or shape. Whether you're going for a darker denim or a faded/washed out denim, here are a few looks to inspire you to try the trend as well as ways to style them!

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Allison's London & Paris Bucket List

via 12 Hrs

While I am always daydreaming about hitting the road and traveling, I'm actually not much of a wanderer. Working a full-time job in retail and online doesn't give me a lot of spare time, and at the end of the day I'm content just curling up with my boyfriend, dog and a good podcast or Netflix binge. I've pinned places from all over the globe, but the truth is I've never even left the country!

So imagine my shock when my boyfriend's parents surprised us with an early Christmas gift—they're taking us to London and Paris for two weeks this summer. I still can't actually believe it, and I don't think it will hit me until we board the plane. So naturally, I'm already going over a few sights that I'd love to see and places that I must go shop. Oh, and I suppose I need to get a passport.


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How To Rock Bold Eyeliner

Before I really got into makeup I always wanted to wear bold eyeliners but never had the courage. I thought my face couldn't handle it and I had no idea how to apply it. After playing around for a long time I've come across few ways that anyone can pull off that wild eyeliner they have been eyeing!

via Pretty Cute Eyes

If you are new to makeup or just haven't explored different colors yet, stick with liners that are more earthy. Start with lining them in your waterline or on your lower lash line and once you feel comfortable with that, add the liner to your upper lash line!

Copper | Bronze

During the daytime you don't want to go towards anything too bright or shimmery. Colors such as purple, blue, brown and green are great ways to branch outside the usual black liner but still have that pop! Create a thin line on your upper lash line and smudge it out so you are comfortable wearing it!

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Style Crush: Jamie Chung

I have a lot of celebrity fashion icons but my all time favorite has to be Jamie Chung. She exudes confidence and is very poise in the way she carries herself.

Most don't know that Chung's first appearance on the small screen was as a cast member on MTV's reality series The Real World: San Diego. Recently, she's starred in the movie Big Hero 6 and has appeared in the ABC hit Once Upon A Time. She's even engaged to Bryan Greenberg, who I will always remember as Jake Jagielski from One Tree Hill.

via InStyle 

In addition to all her success thus far as an actress, she has time to maintain her fashion blog, What the Chung?. Here are a few of my all-time favorite Jamie Chung looks... 

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6 More Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine

via Everyday Roots

As a college student I always try to find ways to downsize my costs. I've found that coconut oil can cut out many products that I used to buy. Here are 6 ways that coconut oil will cut out some beauty products in your routine!

1. Makeup brush cleaner

If coconut oil is safe to use on your face then it is surely safe to use on your brushes. You will be amazed as too how much product actually is in there! With a little coconut oil all the residue will be sure to come out. Microwave a bit of coconut oil until it is liquified, dip your brushes in the liquid then swirl your brush on a paper towel or washcloth, rinse the brush under warm water then let them dry.

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