Victoria's Holiday Wishlist

via Tis Is Style

I'm curious—do you still make a holiday wishlist? I have great memories of making a list with my two older sisters to send to Santa when I was younger. We would always ask for the most ridiculous presents, partially to tease my parents and partially because we had the smallest hope that we might find that gift under the tree.

I still make wishlists, not because I send them to my family or friends but because it's always helpful to have a few ideas. I know that it's always helpful when my roommate or sister know exactly what they need or want, whether it's the holiday season or their birthday. 

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10 Nail Polishes To Try This Holiday Season

via Kate Monteith

It would be an understatement for me to tell you that I'm a nail polish fanatic—I can't go days without having my fingernails nicely painted with an even coat of polish. My love for manicures and pedicures knows no bounds, which is why I'm constantly trying to acquire more colors for my palette. This season, my nail polish obsession has drawn me to ten different colors. Each one of them has either caught my eye with its alluring tint or lustrous texture. The holidays are made for rich colors—they accompany seasonal outfits so well.

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12 Cute Travel Items For The Holidays

via The Bag House

Getting ready for the long journey home has always been one of my favorite parts of the fall semester. The anticipation of seeing my friends and family, eating good food and sleeping in my comfy queen-size bed all seem that much closer as I gear up for a nine-hour bus ride home. Yet, this year as I start to pack up and fold my things into my bag, I have to admit that I am a little disheartened by the state of my luggage. My blasé black duffle bag couldn't look any sadder or less stylish with its monotoned design. That is why this post is ode to cute duffle bags, passport cases and luggage tags... 

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18 Adorable Ornaments To Hang This Year

Growing up, I always loved putting ornaments on the Christmas tree and gifting fun, quirky ornaments to all of my friends. Traditional ornaments are fine and all, but I love finding silly novelty ornaments to hang up each year. They make really thoughtful gifts and they're guaranteed to make the recipient smile each year when they're digging out the holiday decorations. Here are a few cute ornaments that I wouldn't mind giving (or receiving!) this year...

These Bubblegum ornaments remind me of candy! These definitely remind me of those childhood Christmases at my grandparents house. Here are a few more of my favorites... 

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The Collegiate Cook’s Recipe Book

While it might sound impossible, it is actually very simple to create gourmet dishes on a student budget. Whether you are adjusting to a new school year in an apartment or sticking to life as a dorm dweller, you can make delicious homemade meals in your very own home away from home.


Chive and Garlic Mashed Potatoes  

via Food Network

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What's In My Bag: The New York Mom

via Refinery29

As a notorious over-packer, I certainly didn't surprise myself when I managed to fill my large MZ Wallace Metro Tote to the brim with supplies for my baby and myself. For quick trips or when I need to conserve space, I pack a much smaller version of this bag, but here is what I bring along for a full day on the go!

I've discussed it in previous posts, but I'm obsessed with my Mz Wallace Metro Tote in Black Paint Print (unfortunately no longer available). It came with three separate bags inside and there are tons of pockets lining the walls of the bag so it's perfect for organizing. I love that it's big enough to fit everything I need but super lightweight.

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Style Crush: Annabelle of VivaLuxury

Having such a busy schedule it is hard to go and just search for the perfect outfit for your occasion, so I lately I have turned to style/lifestyle blogs to do the work for me. Right now, I am style-crushing on Annabelle of VivaLuxury. A big reason why I follow her is that she links to everything she is wearing, from the outfits to the jewelry to the shoes. There are so many style bloggers out there and everybody has their own preference but let me convince you that VivaLuxury is a must read!

via VivaLuxury


Imagine trendy, classy and edgy all in one. What I really like about Annabelle is that all her outfits are cohesive from the outfit to the jewelry to the makeup. Oh and not to mention that she recently got to collaborate with Diane Von Furstenburg to create a wrap dress (shown below)!

via VivaLuxury

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