Currently Coveting: Specimen Necklaces

I found this photo of these amazing specimen necklaces on Pinterest forever ago. I seriously think it was one of the first things I ever pinned. I was totally memorized by them. I love the idea of preserving nature (I’ve always loved pressed flowers) but this is such a cool way to display it. I have several butterfly displays hanging on my walls, but I would love to wear some around my neck. Plus, how perfect is this for spring?! I found a ton of great examples necklaces on Etsy plus some empty vials so you can make your own. Check them out below!

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Nikole’s Favorite Spring Beauty Products

For me, spring beauty is all about experimenting and adding new bright colors into the mix! I am loving oranges, baby pinks and anything that is going to make me look glowing for spring. These are all of the products that I have been absolutely obsessing over so far for spring!

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Noelle’s Top Baking Blogs To Follow

You may have noticed that baking is one of my favorite pastimes. I love to try out new recipes and bake sweet treats for the people I love, and most of my baking adventures start with a trip to baking blogs for inspiration. This week I’m sharing some of my favorite baking blogs to follow with all of you. 

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5 Tips For Getting Your Desk Organized

Accomplishing work is all about organization: If you can’t find your things, you’ll lose your mind! I know that when I have papers, deadlines or studying to do, I need to make sure I have a comfortable and clean space to tackle all of my tasks (I’m a self-diagnosed OCD sufferer). Cleaning out your desk is a great way to jump start spring cleaning mode. Here are some tips to get your workspace organized so you can take on the world… or at the very least pay your bills.

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Remembering Peaches Geldof: The Top 3 Looks

Tragedy struck two weeks ago when British socialite and journalist Peaches Geldof was found dead in her apartment. Her body was laid to rest this past Monday and fans will remember her for her charming personality and impact on style. Although Peaches was a contributor to major magazines such as Nylon, she was also known for her amazing fashion and stylish looks. Below are some of my favorite looks that Peaches rocked on the red carpet and why she was a style star.

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3 Ways To Reduce Stress During Finals

For those of us in high school or college, the blossoming of spring comes at the price of our sanity as the end of semester stress kicks into high gear. We all know that stress really does you no good, but avoiding it is a lot easier said than done (and quite frankly, not very realistic). You might not be able to skip the stress during finals, but here are three ways to reduce your stress level this spring.

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Fashion And Film: ‘Jawbreaker’

One of my favorite films of the ’90s that has become a cult classic is the black comedy Jawbreaker. Set at Reagan High School, the film centers around three best friends who try to surprise their friend for her birthday and fail miserably. The nerdiest girl at school witnesses what happens and the group of girls promise to make her popular in exchange for her silence. I’m a huge fan of the crazy 90′s looks that are featured throughout the movie. Think bright colors, choker necklaces, crazy heels, denim jackets and over the top makeup that’s perfect for a 90′s throwback.

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