How To Find Your Perfect Nude Lipstick

I used to think that it was tough to find my perfect red lipstick, but when I started my search for the right nude shade for my skin, I was at a loss. While a shade can certainly look like the right color for my skin, it turned out that the texture and color makeup would be all wrong. So after enlisting the assistance of a professional, I was able to narrow down my search to find one of those ‘my lips, but better’ shades. If you’re looking to find a great nude lipstick for your skin tone, here are some good places to start…

F A I R   S K I N

via Top Inspired, Huffington Post

For fairer skinned gals, it’s best to go with a nude lipstick that contains peach or pink—it will complement the color of your lips and prevent you from looking washed out.

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Airport Style For A Chic Day Of Travel

Whether you are flying over Labor Day weekend, jet setting off on an end of summer vacation, or traveling by plane to head off to school there are a variety of reasons for flight in the coming months. Many people become stressed out at the thought of flying-you may have to create a packing list, get your home business finished before take off, and mentally prepare yourself for your flight. If you are a busy body it is common to miss one little detail-planning what you will be wearing once they are in the air! You might think this is a tiny detail but for any fashionista airport style is just as important as any other event. There are plenty of ways to look chic and fashionable without leaving the house in your favorite sweatsuit.

T R O P I C A L  G E T A W A Y

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Kite Back Tank | 2. Etro Printed Silk Maxi Skirt | 3. Kooringal Fedora | 4. Sole Society Boho Wrap Bracelets | 5. Go Pro | 6. Neutrogena Sheertouch Sunscreen | 7. Tory Burch Miller Sandal |  8. Six Eleven Mini MC Duffle Bag | 9. Acne Studios Oversized Cardigan | 10. Easy Square Sunglasses

For anyone going on a tropical excursion dressing the part while you travel is a great way to get into the spirit. By wearing a loose fitting tank and a colored maxi skirt you look beachy, colorful, and ready to hit the sand when you land at your location. Keep your entire color scheme light and your pieces flowy. Wearing breathable clothing during a flight is great since you never know when it is going to get stuffy mid-flight.

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What To Buy At Victoria’s Secret Before School Starts

This fall, I’ll be entering my fifth and final year of college. So trust me when I say when attending a university, you’re likely to see a lot of Victoria’s Secret outfits and accessories! Maybe it’s how comfy their boyfriend sweats are, or how each pair of PINK yoga pants hug your curves just right. Whatever it is, college girls love it!

So in honor of the Fall 2014 semester, here’s my Victoria’s Secret wish list for my senior year of college…

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Summer-Into-Fall Essentials For Your Feet

Summer is the time to temporarily break away from wearing your collection of riding boots, combat boots and snow boots on a regular basis. You have the freedom of exploring different fashion trends in all sorts of shoe styles, heel heights, prints and materials. Now that the season is slowly coming to an end and fall weather approaches, you might want to consider buying shoes that are optimal for both seasons’ wear. Loafers and moccasins, buckled platforms and booties, animal print shoes and jellies compliment your wardrobe during this time of the year and when warm sunny days are limited to a few times a week if not a month.

1. Sole Society Celia Loafer, $59.95

Plaid is a great patterned print for jackets, pants, skirts, dresses and shoes. These loafers have a wardrobe life span that will last year after year, with lots of casual and dressy options to work with. For example, style them with a little black dress in the heat of summer. Alternatively, when things start cooling down in the fall, pair them with black jeans and a waffle Henley shirt.

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9 Ways To Stop Overspending—For Good

If you are like me, then shopping constitutes as your therapy, your cardio and your stress relief all-in-one activity. It makes my heart happy but my bank account cry. I’ve needed a serious reality check regarding my shopping habits lately. I am the girl quick to spend $3.75 on a latte, go to the movies three nights a week and wants to go everywhere, but that just isn’t possible on my budget. These are the ways I’m making sure my spending habits are in check…

via Imnext

1. Analyze Your Spending/Saving Habits
The first thing I need to do is be realistic about my finances. What is coming in and what is going out? You can use an online service like Mint or create a chart to compare what you spend. Write down all of your essentials (food, rent, phone bill, Internet, loans, etc.) as well as what you would like to be spending money on/what you already are spending money on that isn’t necessary (manicures, clothing, Sunday brunch). Decide which items you can cut out of your budget and which are absolutely necessary in your life.

2. Leave It Behind
How do I really know that I want something? I leave it behind. I leave a store thinking, “No I don’t need this, I can always get it another day.” Then all I can do is think about that item. If you completely forget about it then you probably don’t care about it that much and can live without it. This is the best way to avoid a costly impulse buy.

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Amy’s Favorite Looks From The 2014 Emmy Awards

The Emmys red carpet saw hundreds of stars who all dazzled and looked their best to support a night devoted to television in anticipation to receive the nights top honor. Red and white proved to be the most popular colors of the night. These hues radiated romance and poise for many stars who were there to try and snatch up a highly desired Emmy. Most stars pulled out all of the stops for the last awards gala of the season, making the roundup of this evening’s fashion a difficult one. Here are my favorites of the evening…

F A V O R I T E  R E D  L O O K

via Hollywood Reporter

Claire Danes – Claire Danes wowed the carpet in a red hot Givenchy gown that was accented with lace overlay. The gown had both a cutout waistline and a thin belt which drew a lot of attention to the mid-section of the dress. The dress was also embellished with a large statement collar piece that helped balance the dress and make sure the belt, cutouts, and lace were not too much. While all of these details sound overwhelming, once photographed the dress looks stunning. With no accessories, a simple red lip and a loose up-do, Claire looks effortless but still incredibly chic with the intricateness of the gown.

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Our Top Beauty Buys Of The Year (So Far)

Allison: When it comes to my hair, there’s definitely a fine line between being well-conditioned and greasy. I’m a huge fan of dry shampoos, and when I received a sample of Serge Normant’s Dry Conditioner in one of my Birchbox subscriptions, I completely fell in love. Not only does it smell incredible, but it works to keep my hair soft and manageable, never greasy. But be careful, if you keep some to stash in your purse, your co-workers and friends will definitely expect you to share.

Annie: Moringa Oil! My stepmom-in-law asked me if I had Botox!

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