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5 Books I Can’t Wait To Read This Spring and Summer

School is over in just about four weeks, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! This semester has been a busy one and leisurely reading has definitely not fit into my schedule. I love reading and am excited to get back to it once school ends. Here are my top five books I can’ wait to read: […]


5 Effortless Warm Weather Hairstyles

via Barefoot Blonde The weather is finally warming up (for some of us) and that means it’s almost time to pull out the shorts and tank tops! Thick curls and straight hair was nice for the winter time, but now that the hot sun is shining, it’s so much more comfortable to have hair up. […]

What To Buy At Anthropologie Now

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. I could easily spend my whole pay check there. Almost everything is timeless and incredible quality, so I would rather invest in something from there than buy five or ten trendy items for the same price. Here is my current wish list: Pina Lace Dress I have been […]

Megan’s 4 Favorite Self Tanners

I’m Italian, so I tan very easily. Although, in the winter I get so pale! Spring break is almost here as well as shorts season, and I’m so not ready to show these pasty legs to the world. I haven’t gone tanning in such a long time and am paranoid of wrinkles and skin cancer. So […]

Spring Break Outfit Ideas

via Make Life Easier Spring Break is here and hopefully you are off to the beach or somewhere warm. Many stores have their spring and some of their summer clothing out and there are so many cute things! Below are a few outfit ideas for your Spring Break trip with some of my favorite new items. If you are […]

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Tanning Lotions You Will Need After Summer Ends

Being originally from the very sunny Cancun, I’ve realized that I have a constant fear of not being tan. It had never been a problem before (because you couldn’t really help but burn under the blazing sun every day), but it’s a different story in New York. After summer is over, tans fade and we […]


Amy’s End Of Summer Favorites

Fall is right around the corner which means summer is finally coming to a close. Students are heading off to school and leaves will soon begin to fall. Before I start my back to school shopping, I decided to figure out which products I love and which I am going to stop using in the […]

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