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7 Summer Skirts To Wear Now

Texas summers can be pretty unbearable if you don’t have great skirts and dresses in rotation. If you’re looking to mix up your skirt collection with some solid-colored staples or fun warm-weather patterns, here are 7 skirts you should definitely have in your summer wardrobe.


How To Dress Up A Graphic T-Shirt

Finding something cute to wear can sometimes be a hard task. You don’t know whether you want to be relaxed and casual while at the same time you may want to look cute and feminine in a skirt or dress. There is a perfect way to find a happy medium between these two styles and […]


Ruche Has You Covered For Easter

One of my favorite things about Easter as a little girl (besides getting massive amounts of candy from the Easter bunny) was getting all dolled up on Easter Sunday. I was always decked out from head to toe with a big hat, fancy dress, tights and Mary Janes. I might not be a little girl […]

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5 Adorable Midi Skirts

Vintage silhouettes are a favorite of mine, they will always be timeless. As of late, the clothing item I’m coveting the most is a midi skirt. Sure, I love my minis, but there is just something so understated and sexy about a classic. The length of a midi is perfectly feminine without being too revealing, […]


Angela’s Fashion Inspiration For The Week

Lovelies, this is my last addition of “Angela’s Fashion Inspiration For The Week,” due to the fact that this is my final week as a Lovelyish intern. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of my fashion selections and found some inspiration for your own look, closet and dream persona. 


5 Inspirational Looks With Fall’s Most Flattering Skirt

Let’s not skirt around the issue here: I have a real love/hate relationship with skirts — I  truly want to be the girl caught strutting in the perfect skirt, catching admiring glances from passersby, but I struggle with finding the right skirt. This means one that doesn’t bring out the worst on my 5″3, zero-curves frame. Well, it […]


5 Tribal Items To Wear This Summer

One of my latest fashion obsessions right now is tribal print. When I went shopping, I ended up buying two tribal tops and a tribal print skirt. I’m trying to hold my addiction back a bit, but it’s slightly hard, when everything is so cute.

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