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Nashville: Why I Love To Shop Local (And Some of My Favorite Shops)

Since moving to Nashville three years ago, I have completely changed the way I shop. I used to buy things simply because I liked the way the looked not thinking about what went into the making and selling of the garment. Now a lot more thought goes into my purchases, and I buy most of my […]

Colorful Spring Bags

The Best 37 Bags Out Right Now

Spring is just around the corner—thank goodness! Here is a guide to all the newest and cutest bags stores have out right now. There are so many to choose from between different colors, prints and styles—I want them all! C O L O R F U L 1. Topshop Leather Holdall | 2. Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel | 3. Zara Mock […]

What To Buy On Sale From Urban Outfitters Right Now

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores and has some great items on sale on right now. Currently, if you spend 75 dollars, you get 15 dollars off. I obviously could not resist this offer, so I spent my time in class today skipping out on notes and shopping online. Good thing my teacher […]


11 Places to Visit in NYC

via Free People Blog I recently graduated from college and will be starting the next phase of my life. Since I graduated a semester early, I decided to take on one last internship in NYC. In just a few days, I will be living in the city. Although I had interned there this past summer, […]


Amy’s Make-up For a Night Out

There is no denying that all things beauty and make-up are a huge passion of mine. That’s why I love experimenting with new brands and products and I’m always jumping around from one foundation to another and you can definitely find me loving one lip color one week and onto a completely different shade the […]

stylish gym bags

15 Stylish Gym Bags to Jumpstart Your Workout

A trip to the gym is a breeze for many ladies, but for others it takes hours of self motivation and debate. During the summer, the hot days definitely discourage me from working out and going into fall I’ll find my school work as an excuse. With these 15 cute gym bags, I’ll stay motivated. […]


9 Ways To Stop Overspending—For Good

If you are like me, then shopping constitutes as your therapy, your cardio and your stress relief all-in-one activity. It makes my heart happy but my bank account cry. I’ve needed a serious reality check regarding my shopping habits lately. I am the girl quick to spend $3.75 on a latte, go to the movies […]

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