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Tips For Dealing With Stress

I am graduating in less than two months and am thrilled! Although, I have quite a bit of school work, an internship, a job and now I am starting to apply for jobs. With all that comes stress! I am normally pretty good about handling stress, but this is a lot going on. I have […]

Lovelyish Dish: I Attended 5 Colleges in 5 Years

I am 22 years old and have attended five colleges. I have always been one to do things a little differently. Although, five colleges in five years is a bit obnoxious. I moved around when I was younger and attended multiple elementary and grade schools, so maybe I felt the need to keep it going […]


Tips For Beating A Cold And Staying Healthy This Fall

As I entered my senior year of college in August, I was excited to see my friends and ready to enjoy every single moment that this year has to offer. When I moved into my own bedroom, I figured that it would be harder to become sick since I wouldn’t have a roommate this time. […]


What I Would Tell My College Freshman Self Today

Three years ago, I remember my parents and peers telling me how quickly college would fly by as I began to make a list of dorm supplies to buy before moving into my freshman dorm. My 18 year old self didn’t believe them at the time, but soon enough, the school I saw as a […]

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12 Lovely Day Planners To Keep You Organized

With a new academic year approaching, I’m searching for a cute new agenda to keep me organized. From writing down assignments to taking note of events happening throughout the week, I like it a bit more old-school when it comes to keeping myself on track. My agenda has also been great with helping me to […]


3 Ways To Reduce Stress During Finals

For those of us in high school or college, the blossoming of spring comes at the price of our sanity as the end of semester stress kicks into high gear. We all know that stress really does you no good, but avoiding it is a lot easier said than done (and quite frankly, not very […]


5 Reasons To Plan A Graduation Getaway

As the end of your undergraduate career comes to a close, there are a lot of questions about what’s next. Will you be attending grad school? When will you finally land a job? Should you be looking for an apartment? These questions are certainly valid and in need of answers, but maybe not just yet. […]

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