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Annie’s Maternity Essentials

Being pregnant is no simple task and while I’m not a big purveyor of “stuff” (I like to keep it simple!), there are definitely a few essentials I have relied on during my pregnancy to get me through each day. I have experienced just about all the symptoms one could possibly have during these 9 […]


9 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Was Pregnant

I know that a lot of you may not even be thinking of kids right now, but may want them down the road. I have always wanted kids, but our pregnancy came as a bit surprise! We got engaged on October 20th and just two weeks later we discovered we were expecting our first little […]

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Annie’s Week On Instagram

Summer is starting to peak it’s head here in New York and I’m loving every second of sun that we’re getting. I’m starting to slow things down with Bobbi Brown and my own makeup artistry business as I get bigger and bigger and closer to my due date. That means a lot of time for […]


9 Stylish Gift For Your Pregnant Friend

I know most of you Lovelies might not be considering kids yet, but it’s more than likely you know someone or have a family member who is pregnant or will be soon! While shower gifts for the baby are awesome, an expecting mom could definitely benefit from a few other gifts. Pregnancy is a lot […]


Baby Love

If y’all haven’t noticed pretty much all I can think about these is my pregnancy and my baby. Well yesterday I found out what I’m having and now thoughts have become a full on obsession. All I can think about is what it will be like to meet my baby for the first time. Pinterest […]

Annie’s Week On Instagram

Lately it feels like I am just waiting for time to pass until winter is over. This week was pretty low key, except for a visit from my parents and a few other fun activities.


Annie’s Favorite Prenatal Workouts

Before I got pregnant I have to admit I wasn’t the greatest about exercising and now that I am pregnant…. well, I’m still not the greatest BUT I am better! I have noticed that the days I do exercise, I feel a lot more energized and just better. Plus, I know maintaining some muscle tone […]

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