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4 Ways to Outfit Your Tennis Shoes

via Lovely Pepa My fall boots have become a close second to my new favorite shoe, the tennis shoe. Suddenly, ankle boots have become irrelevant, while my gym shoes have become more loved and cherished because to me, almost no event is too casual or classy for them. via eat sleep wear


What To Wear To Your Next Concert

I recently went to see Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run Tour and planned my outfit for weeks. If you’re planning on attending a concert soon, here are some great outfit ideas for a few genres that will definitely make wardrobing decisions a little easier!

beach uniform

My Beach Uniform

My favorite moment of summer is that first time that I finally pull into the parking lot of my favorite beach. I step out, take a moment to breathe the fresh ocean air and begin the long walk down to my favorite stretch of sand. But, let’s be honest — I have to look bomb […]


What To Wear: Create A Memorable Interview Outfit

I literally spend several hours selecting the perfect interview outfit. I don’t want to blend into the dozens of other prospective hires in a sea of gray pantsuits, basic pencil skirts, and fitted blazers. I want to strike a crucial blend between professional and my own personal touches. Keep reading to check out my tips […]


Hot Ways To Wear White This Summer

White is everywhere this season.  Here are some stylish ways to wear it this summer…


What To Wear: The Sporty-Cute Hiker

Two weeks ago, my class and I went on a trip with our professor to Gettysburg, PA. My professor told us that he wanted us to draw parallels between the American Civil War and current events in the Middle East. Personally, I was not very enthused about going anywhere — we were supposed to go […]


2 Effortless Looks To Prep Your Style For Spring

I’ll admit that lately I’ve felt a twinge of guilt at cranking my car’s air conditioner up to maximum when I know my friends on the east coast aren’t in quite the same boat. However, I take solace in the fact we are slowly inching towards spring, which means warmer days… for everyone. Each day we […]

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