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Nirvana White

A Fragrance For Every Occasion

Hi Lovelies! We’re so sorry about the silence the past few weeks. Each of the editors are going through some big changes, and at the same time many of our contributors finished up their jobs with Lovelyish. We should have taken some time to write an update and let you Lovelies know. To be honest […]

Everyday Essentials

What’s In My Bag: Everyday Essentials

Seeing the inside of a woman’s bag is like seeing the inside of her soul. Just kidding…kind of. I feel like seeing what someone carries in their bag is a good way to gauge their personality. For instance, whenever someone sees the inside of my bag they go “oh my gosh” because it’s extremely organized and […]


22 Scarves To Wear All Winter

via Polienne  I am a big fan of keeping it simple when it’s cold outside. And since most of my outfits are just solid colors and darker outerwear, I love adding a bit of texture and pattern with a scarf. I may not always need the extra layers in Dallas just yet, but after rolling […]


Lovelyish Gift Guide: For The Beauty Enthusiast

Shopping for a beauty enthusiast can be tough, especially if you don’t know specific products and colors that work for them. I gave up trying to buy my friends makeup as gifts because they either had the product already, had tried it and didn’t like it, or I couldn’t find the right color. Now I […]


Decorate Your Desktop: Fun Ways To Stay Organized

via Dream Green DIY Being at our desks is inevitable—we’ve had that late night study sesh, we work from home, we stay seated in our offices for long periods of time… To make life at our desks fun, organized and creative, here are some great brands and buys to spice up those tabletops! Cities by […]


Allison’s Favorite Holiday Dresses

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, but having a great cold weather special occasion dress in your closet can really eliminate a lot of the panic. From work parties to family events, a versatile holiday dress can take your mind off of the difficult task of finding something last-minute at the crazy-busy […]


Allison’s Fall Favorites

It’s no secret that Lovelyish (and the majority of the female population) are fall enthusiasts. And once the weather starts to cool off here in Texas, I am a well-oiled, hot-coffee-drinking, layering machine: I’m looking for fall gear on Etsy, going shopping for ciders and dusting off my horror movie collection. In addition to unpacking […]

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