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Nikole Reviews: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

I have been so intrigued lately by the claims of the Ambient Lighting blushes from Hourglass and what they do. Reading countless reviews I was so tempted to buy one, but held back by the $35 price tag for one blush. Well — of course — I caved, and am here to bring you my thoughts […]

naked 2 palette dupe

5 Drugstore Dupes For High End Beauty Products

As much as I love makeup and high end brands, sometimes they’re  just too expensive for a girl on a budget. Call me crazy, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to buy a $30 makeup brush. Don’t get me wrong though — I do think some products are definitely worth the cost, but […]


What’s Currently In Nikole’s Makeup Bag

My makeup bag is looking a little like a hot mess these days, but I sure am loving whats inside it! At the moment my bag is filled with all the essentials I use for a daily makeup routine and every now and then I pop in some random products that I’m interested in at […]

I Love Nicholas Kirkwood’s Shoes!

I love Nicholas Kirkwood‘s designs! Look at those heels! Look at those platforms! Can it get any better than that?? (rhetorical question, btw) I think I really need to get a job and start saving up so I can get my first pair of NKs. Who is your favorite shoe designer? What designer shoe label […]

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