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Hide A Bad Hair Day With A Scarf

I am currently growing out my pixie cut, and it is at that awkward stage. I have been wearing a lot of hair accessories to keep me from going crazy and cutting my hair short again. Although, I really don’t own many headbands or clips, so I have been using scarves. I love when items […]

Tried And True: 4 Products For More Voluminous Hair

via Bellazon I asked our readers to submit any hair question they might have in my recent post Ask A Stylist: Your Hair Questions Answered. There has been quite a response so far! I plan on answering all the questions asked, but here is my first answer! One of our readers asked: I have a […]

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5 Quick Hairstyles For “Second Day Hair”

via Byte Models  It is not good for your hair to wash it every night. It dries your hair out and is usually unnecessary, I normally recommend shampooing every two days. Letting your hair get dirty deposits your natural oils back through the strands, which makes it stronger and shinier. The problem with waiting two […]


My 15 Hair Care Essentials

Since long hair suits my face best, I’ve tried to take good care of my hair since I was a teenager. Over the years I’ve tried tons of different hair products, particularly every shampoo, conditioner and treatment under the sun. And though I tend to stick to more affordable drugstore products with few ingredients when it […]

surf spray vs not your mothers beach babe

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray vs Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Confession: I have been getting my hair permed since the 8th grade. I know, I know. Who gets perms anymore? I hear it all the time. The reason I decided to start perming my hair was because I don’t like my natural hair. You always want what you don’t have, am I right? My natural […]

Tips For Coloring Your Own Hair

Many people love the hair salon and relaxing while having someone else does their hair, but I hate it! I do not want to sit for 15 minutes while someone applies color and then another 45 minutes for it to process and then another 20 to 30 minutes for it to be washed and dried. I […]

Megan’s 5 Favorite Hair And Makeup Looks From The 2015 Oscars

There were so many lovely looks from the Oscars! The actresses have some of the best hair stylists and makeup artists in the country. The awards shows are the perfect place to find inspiration for new makeup ideas. Here are my favorites with tips on how you can get a similar look: via The Zoe Report 1. Margot Robbie […]

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