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Allison’s Gift Guide 2013: For The Partner

I used to have a really hard time shopping for Mark, but now, I know him well enough to gift like a champ. When you think about it, shopping for partners is a pretty easy task: since you know them well enough, you know what they need. If you still need a little help or […]

Who Do You Dress For?

Throughout the years, my reasons for the clothing choices I make have varied. When I was a little kid, it was whatever was clean and comfortable. As I got older however, I began to notice what the girls around me wore and mimic them. Or at least try, since the popcorn stand at the mall […]

5 Fun, Unique Places To Meet Guys This Summer

Hunting for guys can be fun, but it can also be somewhat of a challenge. As you Lovelies probably know, bars and restaurants are among the most popular places to go if you’re looking to meet a guy. While these locales are often great for a fun night out, I wouldn’t say that they’re the […]

The 15 Most Stylish Gifts For Guys

In order to prevent any situation with your guy returning your couldn’t-think-of-anything-else or I-went-across-town-for-this gift, or asking for the gift receipt(don’t they know the gift hunt is stress inducing and traumatic enough?), we’ve put together a list of the most stylish gift items for dudes that we could scour online.

Ever Wonder What Goes On In A Guy’s Mind On A Regular Basis?

I have entirely too much time to surf the internet this summer.  Well, technically I don’t, but I procrastinate and make time to mindlessly surf.  While surfing, I came across Guyspeak– possibly the most amazing website of our time.  Or maybe just the most amazing site for all women.

Why I Prefer To Be Complimented By Girls, Not Boys

My guy says, “Well, don’t you look nice today?” And I say, “Aww thanks.” Then a girl compliments me by saying, “Oh, I love your shoes!” And I say, “OMG! Really? Thanks so much! I got these on sale…” (and the conversation keeps going). What causes this difference in reactions? 

Help A Lovely: Should The Guy Always Pay?

A Lovely writes: My boyfriend and I have always split the bills everywhere we go. One week he will pay for our dinner out, the next week I will. However, recently I have had some unexpected bills that I need to pay off and he told me he would pay for all of our outings […]

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