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Do You Remember These ‘Bring It On’ Moments?

In celebration of Kirsten Dunst’s birthday, I’ve compiled my favorite moments from Bring It On. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go watch it right this second, and come back to enjoy this post with the rest of us! It’s a classic, really. Happy birthday, Kirsten! 

Spice Up Your Life With These Spice Girls GIFs!

After reading Buzzfeed‘s recent article about the cinematic masterpiece that is Spice World, I was reminded of how amazing the Spice Girls really were. These GIFs are just too good! I remember going to the store with my mom in the ’90s and seeing Spice Girls everything; candy, temporary tattoos, stickers… I really wish I […]

20 Awesome ‘Clueless’ GIFs!

It’s no secret that Clueless is one of my favorite movies. Ever since I first watched it in Junior High (and even though I lived in the middle of nowhere instead of California), the movie convinced me that high school was going to be different — and amazing. Of course, we all know that high […]

15 Hilarious Infomercial GIFs!

Sometimes (especially early in the week), even the easiest of tasks can be almost impossible. Eating may seem pretty simple, but I must confess, sometimes when I’m eating, things get a little… confusing. Not to brag or anything, but one time, I found spaghetti sauce on the back of my head after a pretty intense […]

20 Of The Most Hilarious “30 Rock” Moments

It’s over and I can’t believe it. 30 Rock one of my favorite all time shows ended yesterday, and I am super bummed. I pulled together some of my favorite screencapped moments from the show. So enjoy them and relive the hilarity (meanwhile, I’ll be crying in the corner).

Making Fashion Move: The Latest 2013 Collections Via Animated Gif

Band Of Outsiders Pre-Fall 2013 This one is for the fashion lovers. I like that designers do their collections so far ahead of time, that for those who are into it, can spot trends and be ahead of the game. There are tons of websites dedicated to up and coming collections, but honestly, I hate […]

12 Striking Cinemagraphs

As many of you know, a Cinemagraph is a refined GIF, bringing ordinary stills to life. The internet has shown a lot of love for them and but, of course! There are endless beautiful moments to capture in the world and now, we can re-live these moments later in all their animated glory. It’s amazing! […]

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