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A Perfect Spring Cookie Recipe: Lemon Honey Cookies

As the weather gets warmer with each day, I couldn’t wait to let my spring fever loose in the kitchen. One of my favorite flavors to bake with in the spring is lemon, so this week I made a chewy lemon ginger cookie that’s tangy, spicy, sweet and completely delicious.  While I was in England over […]


5 St. Patrick’s Day Themed Desserts To Make

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s time to get your green attire ready for the day!  At my office, any holiday is cause for celebration. If you’re like me and lack green in your closet, green treats are the perfect alternative, or even addition! Tomorrow is a potluck at the office I work at, and I’m […]

Black Olive Cream Cheese Penguin

14 Tantalizing Appetizers And Desserts

I love entertaining because I love to feed my friends and ply them with plenty of drinks. Presentation is always key when it comes to parties, and though I don’t like to cook too much, I do enjoy preparing appetizers and desserts. Check out some of my favorite easy and inspiring appetizers and desserts! 1. […]


8 High Protein Snacks To Try

Lately, I’ve been keeping track of the meals I’ve been eating. Not for the purpose of counting calories, but rather to see what exactly I’m putting, or not putting, into my body. I’ve noticed that I’m definitely not getting enough protein. And as someone who likes to like to work out, this is not really […]


5 Yummy Lunches To Make For Work

via Once Upon a Cutting Board I have no problem making lunches when I’m at home, but when it comes to planning ahead and figuring out what to make for work, I always seem to run out of ideas. My go-to lunch is usually a simple salad or veggies and hummus, but that gets very […]


Amazing Restaurants To Try In Los Angeles

via Freutcake One thing I especially loved about living in Southern California is all the food options. There’s always something new and delicious to try. If you want to try some amazing dishes, snacks or desserts, then Los Angeles is the perfect place to be. When my roommates and I were bored, we’d look up […]

Healthy On-The-Go Snacks To Try This Week

I love snacking! Snacks keep your metabolism up throughout the day and keep you from overeating at your next meal. I am often heading from school to work and need a couple pick-me-ups throughout the day. Here are my favorite healthy combinations and go-to snacks… Justin’s Peanut Butter Classic Squeeze Packs are essential because peanut butter is very easy to overeat, […]

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