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Megan’s 6 Favorite Instagram Accounts

I follow many celebrities, bloggers and brands on Instagram. It is a great place for daily inspiration whether it be a quote, a beautiful picture or a makeup look you want to copy. Here are my six favorite Instagram accounts: The Wall Group is an agency that represents the best makeup artists, hair and fashion stylists. Their […]

Nashville: Why I Love To Shop Local (And Some of My Favorite Shops)

Since moving to Nashville three years ago, I have completely changed the way I shop. I used to buy things simply because I liked the way the looked not thinking about what went into the making and selling of the garment. Now a lot more thought goes into my purchases, and I buy most of my […]

Hide A Bad Hair Day With A Scarf

I am currently growing out my pixie cut, and it is at that awkward stage. I have been wearing a lot of hair accessories to keep me from going crazy and cutting my hair short again. Although, I really don’t own many headbands or clips, so I have been using scarves. I love when items […]

What To Buy At Anthropologie Now

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. I could easily spend my whole pay check there. Almost everything is timeless and incredible quality, so I would rather invest in something from there than buy five or ten trendy items for the same price. Here is my current wish list: Pina Lace Dress I have been […]

Spring Break Outfit Ideas

via Make Life Easier Spring Break is here and hopefully you are off to the beach or somewhere warm. Many stores have their spring and some of their summer clothing out and there are so many cute things! Below are a few outfit ideas for your Spring Break trip with some of my favorite new items. If you are […]

Megan’s “Uniform”

I haven’t worn a uniform since my Catholic school days. Ah, the horror. I used to think the plaid skirt was cute and then we moved to Florida and the girls and boys had to wear the same thing: terrible navy shorts that were high-waisted and came down to our knees with a polo. Thank goodness […]

Colorful Spring Bags

The Best 37 Bags Out Right Now

Spring is just around the corner—thank goodness! Here is a guide to all the newest and cutest bags stores have out right now. There are so many to choose from between different colors, prints and styles—I want them all! C O L O R F U L 1. Topshop Leather Holdall | 2. Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel | 3. Zara Mock […]

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