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Blue Eye Makeup

The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown, Blue, Hazel & Green Eyes

via She Look Book Eye color is beyond unique. It’s something that can really change your entire look and make people notice you among a crowd. Some people are blessed to have striking eyes and some aren’t. I’m not. I have medium-colored brown eyes. I don’t hate my eye color but it’s just so…average. I […]

What Color are Your Eyes?

  When asked the color of her eyes, Elizabeth Taylor has always said, “They’re blue, but have a few red flecks. So, does that make them purple?” Blue, brown, hazel, green, grey, purple…or some combination? Do you wear color contacts?

Are Green Eyes Rare?

The other day in my Psychology class, the professor wanted to do an experiment with the students and divided them up into two different groups: blue eyes and brown eyes. The blue eyed people were to go to the right of the class while the brown eyed people moved to the left side of class. […]

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