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5 Tips For New Runners

 via Bustle 1. Start slow Even though I have been running pretty consistently for almost five years, I will take a couple months off every so often because of an injury or simply because I just need a break. I am the absolute worst of starting slow or easing into something. I am a bit […]

Megan’s Must-Have Fitness Accessories

Summer is just around the corner, which means it is time to really commit to our workouts. New gear always motivates me to get moving! Here are some of my favorite fitness accessories to try out for spring… The first accessory everyone needs is a great gym bag. I love the black and white print of […]

4 Fun Indoor Workouts To Try

Oh my goodness, winter feels so long this year! I probably shouldn’t complain because Nashville does not get much snow, but it is cold. If you are in a workout rut because of this weather, here are four indoor workouts for you to try… via The New York Times 1. AIRobics is an hour workout class […]

7 Days of Printable At-Home Workouts

Due to the ice storm in Nashville, I’ve been working out in the living room of my apartment for the past two days. I am planning on another at home workout today since it is still not safe to run outdoors. With my luck, I will probably fall and break my leg on the ice. Sometimes, I don’t want […]

Post Workout Essentials

Allison’s Favorite Post-Workout Essentials

I’ve been revisiting one of my favorite workouts (read about my 30 Day Shred experience here!), so I’ve kept all of my post-workout essentials close-by while I’m sweating it out. Luckily I’m able to work out before and after work without feeling totally and completely gross! I must say that it’s a lot easier to […]

stylish gym bags

15 Stylish Gym Bags to Jumpstart Your Workout

A trip to the gym is a breeze for many ladies, but for others it takes hours of self motivation and debate. During the summer, the hot days definitely discourage me from working out and going into fall I’ll find my school work as an excuse. With these 15 cute gym bags, I’ll stay motivated. […]

Annie’s Post-Pregnancy Fitness And Nutrition Plan

I’m only a couple of days away from my due date and I’m almost excited to get my body back as I am to meet my baby. I’m sure I’ll lose plenty of weight from just no longer having a baby living inside me, but I know I’m gonna have to work pretty hard to […]

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