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What I’ve Learned During My First Year Of Post-Grad Life

via Lauren Conrad I graduated college May 2014, so my one year mark of living in the adult world is coming up quick. And to be honest, it’s been filled with plenty of ups and downs. I’ve arguably learned more during this year than in college…almost. This year has been spent learning about finances, friendships, and […]

What’s In My Bag: Crazy Busy College Student

I normally go to school then work and then meet up with friends or attend a school event. This causes me to sort of live out of my car and carry a lot in my bag. To get me through my long days, here is what I always have in my bag… 1. I have […]

Lovelyish Dish: I Attended 5 Colleges in 5 Years

I am 22 years old and have attended five colleges. I have always been one to do things a little differently. Although, five colleges in five years is a bit obnoxious. I moved around when I was younger and attended multiple elementary and grade schools, so maybe I felt the need to keep it going […]

Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts, Bacon, and Almonds

The Collegiate Cook’s Recipe Book

While it might sound impossible, it is actually very simple to create gourmet dishes on a student budget. Whether you are adjusting to a new school year in an apartment or sticking to life as a dorm dweller, you can make delicious homemade meals in your very own home away from home. S I D […]


Victoria’s Tips for Surviving Long Distance Relationships

Right about now, the excitement of starting another year of college is starting to die down. I’ve seen and hung out with all my friends, turned in a few papers, and read a couple of books (English major!). I think I’ve completely settled in—which is great, unless you’re in a long distance relationship, because this […]


7 Tips On Landing An Internship

It’s usually right around April when it happens. Suddenly, all of your classmates and your friends are all scoring the internships of their dreams and have the most glamorous plans for the summer—and you’re left scrambling for opportunities. A similar experience happened to me during the summer after my freshman year. I had been caught […]


What You Need To Throw A Football Gameday Party

It’s officially football season which means fall is coming, tailgating is just around the corner, and football parties are to be planned. Whether you will be planning a collegiate themed party or rooting for your favorite NFL team, I have some of the yummiest food and drinks and most creative decor you could dream of […]

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