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4 Ways To Satisfy Wanderlust Without Breaking The Bank

via BLDG 25 In one calendar year, I will have visited five countries and five states. This is the most traveling I’ve ever done in my lifetime (see my Antigua, Guatemala travel journal here) but I managed to do it all without seriously jeopardizing my bank account. Although traveling is certainly not getting any cheaper, […]


9 Ways To Stop Overspending—For Good

If you are like me, then shopping constitutes as your therapy, your cardio and your stress relief all-in-one activity. It makes my heart happy but my bank account cry. I’ve needed a serious reality check regarding my shopping habits lately. I am the girl quick to spend $3.75 on a latte, go to the movies […]


How To Live In Europe On A Budget

Some of the most beautiful cities in the world are also the most expensive (for example: Paris, London, Milan, Zurich), but that doesn’t mean we can’t visit them. Of course, some of the most important things like fashion, food and art can be completely unsympathetic to our meager bank accounts, but I promise there is […]


How To Eat In The City On A Budget

I am proud to announce that I have survived my first 24 hours of living in New York City! I moved down yesterday to start my internship at Cosmopolitan, and to be honest, so many things terrify me about living here. Aside from the usual safety concerns, everything here is so expensive. Especially when you’ve just […]

My Top 5 Beauty Products Under $5

It’s no secret that I’m all about budget-friendly beauty. Being a college student, I have to be careful which products I spend money on because I can’t really afford to shop at the department stores for all my beauty products. So, I’ve made a habit of getting to know the drugstore pretty well and finding […]

Katie’s 5 Picks From Nasty Gal’s Anti Prom Shop

Prom is coming up, and I happen to know (because I am this girl), that not everyone loves the frilly prom dress thing. Personally, I have never seen a classic prom dress or wedding gown that didn’t make me cringe a little. Unfortunately, Nasty Gal and their anti prom shop wasn’t around when I was […]

Decorating My Room On A Tight Student Budget: Wall Decals

I’m not terribly artistic. I don’t know when’s the last time I drew anything other than little doodles in my notebook, actually. The last time I can recall painting is in my six-grade art class and that’s about 12 years ago. I enjoyed painting even though I wasn’t particularly good at it. Anyhow, I wanted […]

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