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Bucket List: 9 Things To Do This Spring

Although I don’t have an official Spring Break now that I graduated, I am always wanting an excuse to do something fun. During this time of year, I feel a sudden urge to get outdoors and participate in fun activities with friends. I try to make a to-do list, or a bucket list, for every […]


Allison’s Beauty Bucket/To-Do List For Fall

Once the weather cools off in Texas, it’s much easier to experiment with different products and looks without fear that it will slide off of my face as soon as I step outside. So while I patiently wait for the temperatures to drop, I’ve been compiling a beauty to-do list that I’ll be tackling as […]


The Ultimate Beauty Bucket List For Your 20s

I spent most of my teenage years avoiding makeup altogether. Growing up in the country as a total tomboy, I didn’t become interested in cosmetics until I had already graduated high school! Since then, I’ve spent the majority of my 20s learning basic makeup application and finding products and colors that work with my skin—it’s […]


10 Things You Must Do In College

College is one of the biggest moments of our lives. Not only are you preparing for the real world and your career, but it’s also the time to find yourself, make memories, and do things you’ll never have the chance to do again! Not everyone is going to be a party girl in college and […]


The Ultimate 2014 Summer Bucket List

Summer is the season that we look forward to throughout the entire year and it seems to pass by so quickly. Instead of wasting your days on the couch watching Laguna Beach reruns, why not plan ahead to make this the best summer vacation yet?


Allison’s Spring Beauty Bucket List

via Sezane Even if you’re usually a little hesitant to break out of your beauty routine, you can’t deny that there’s something renewing and adventurous about spring. Suddenly there are new hair tutorials everywhere, new makeup shades to try and refreshing lipstick colors to wear. Here’s what’s on my beauty bucket list for spring… 


Diana’s Travel Bucket List

It is no secret that I love travel. It is important to see what the world has to offer, especially when we are young, and there are endless destinations to choose from. Although I want to see the entire world, these are some of the places at the top of my traveling list that I […]

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