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6 Affordable Makeup Brushes Everyone Should Have In Their Collection

via The Glitter Guide Having the right brushes can make all the difference in the world with your makeup application, but they don’t have to be expensive. These are my top six makeup brushes that every women needs in her collection. All of them are less than $9 each, so they won’t break your wallet! […]


What’s Currently In Nikole’s Makeup Bag

My makeup bag is looking a little like a hot mess these days, but I sure am loving whats inside it! At the moment my bag is filled with all the essentials I use for a daily makeup routine and every now and then I pop in some random products that I’m interested in at […]


What Kind Of Makeup Brushes Do You Use?

I have a friend who religiously uses the Sigma Beauty and the Mr. Bunny Essential Kit. Although I value her opinion, when I looked up the price of these brushes I almost had a comedic moment falling out of my seat when I saw the cost of the kit: $120.


Banish Bacteria With This Brush Cleaning How-To!

Lovelies, when it comes to makeup there is one thing I’m completely awful at, and that is cleaning my makeup brushes. Dirty makeup brushes leave you (and your face) more susceptible to all kinds of bacteria! Even though it seems like a bit of a pain, cleaning your makeup brushes should become an integral part of your […]

Beauty Review: Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleanser

Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleanser, from AmazonBrush Off is designed to cleanse your filthy, bacteria-filled makeup brushes, and it does just that. It’s virtually odorless once it dries on your brushes — the last thing I want in a makeup cleanser is a stank odor left on something I intend to rub all over my […]

Beauty Review: KIM Professional Makeup and Sigma Brushes

A couple of months ago, KIM Professional Makeup sent me several brushes to try out. They’re a line of handmade brushes under Rekab, a 100-year-old brush manufacturer. Weird thing is, I like them for what they’re not meant to do.

KIM Makeup Brushes Fufill All My Fantasies

I have sort of an odd obsession with make-up brushes. I’ve never actually bought a makeup brush by itself, yet somehow I’ve come into possession of a number of excellent brushes that I covet dearly.  Whenever I go into Sephora I always have to make my way over to the rows of make-up brushes and […]

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