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Must-Read Article: ‘Pictures Of People Who Mock Me’

Haley Morris-Cafiero has been hearing rude comments about her weight for most of her life, but she doesn’t get upset when it happens. Instead, she decided to pull out her camera and set up a shoot.

Some Quick And Easy Workouts For The Week!

Okay, it’s time for real talk: a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try on my trusty bathing suit. … And let’s just say that I didn’t like how it looked on me. I decided to do a bit of research on the Internet for some workouts that I could actually do (not just […]

What To Do When The Internet Calls You Fat

Writer and newspaper editor Lindy West knows all too well that the Internet can be a cruel and heartless place. In a video called “There’s Only One Thing To Do When The Internet Calls You Fat,” West hilariously and sincerely explains how her web-based writing jobs can be rough. She confesses that she used to […]

Celebrity Bodies: Magazines Vs. Real Life

We all know that Photoshopping is a problem in the fashion editorial world. Not only is it false advertising, but for years it’s been giving women body issues. Of course it’s hard for a young girl to feel good about her body when everything they see in the magazines is altered beyond recognition. I remember […]

My Concerns Regarding The Craze To Dress “Thinner”

Wanting to dress in a way that compliments your body’s natural shape is totally understandable and desirable. I myself am continually conscious of dressing to flatter my hips and broad shoulders. So trust me, I get it. My worries are not with wanting to dress well, but with the way we’ve gone about promoting it. […]

Is Kelly Osbourne Still Considered Fat?

Kelly Osbourne has undergone an intense transformation, shedding pounds along with her bratty image to become a class act on the fashion forefront. But despite her self-improvements, she still struggles with the public’s perception of her. Read what Osbourne had to say about her body image after the jump. 

You’ll Never Guess Who Is Modeling For Men’s Ford

Female Olympic swimmer, Casey Legler! Not only is she an incredible athlete and artist, but she’s now a model for Ford men’s division. According to Legler, it’s not about her sexual identity, politics or anything else that defines her. Casey thinks (and should think!) that she looks just as good in heels as she does […]

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