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Blue Eye Makeup

The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown, Blue, Hazel & Green Eyes

via She Look Book Eye color is beyond unique. It’s something that can really change your entire look and make people notice you among a crowd. Some people are blessed to have striking eyes and some aren’t. I’m not. I have medium-colored brown eyes. I don’t hate my eye color but it’s just so…average. I […]


5 Beauty Tips I Wish I Would Have Realized Sooner

via Pinterest We have all looked back at some of our old pictures and thought ‘What was I thinking with that haircut?’, or ‘Really, did I not look at myself before I left the house?’. Everyone makes mistakes, but there are also some things that people could have warned you about. These are five beauty tips I wish […]


Erika’s Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer is a wonderful time to show off glowing skin, white pants, and colorful sundresses — but the heat can also be difficult to maintain your makeup throughout the day. As the temperatures slowly rise, I’ve realized over time that some of my favorite winter beauty products tend to melt, just like ice cream on […]


How to Get Perfect Pictures Every Time

Don’t you just hate it when pictures pop up on social media somewhere, and you just cringe because oh gosh, that photo could have turned out much better. In fact, that’s weird, you felt confident that day. But still you look, just, not as good as you felt in person! Well, here’s a a few […]


10 Random Beauty Tips That Really Work

Sometimes people come up with beauty tips that either seem to good to be true… or too crazy to be true. But then there are some random ones that actually seem to work! These are ten random beauty tips that are tried and true… 


Follow These Beauty Tips To Make The Most Of Your Makeup!

I’m not big on ‘beauty rules’ and am always encouraging my clients to experiment with tools, products and colors that make them feel the most beautiful and comfortable, but let’s face it — there are a few makeup flubs that just aren’t helping anyone. The following are things that I (sometimes surprisingly) see a lot […]


Annie’s January Beauty Tips

With a bit of a post-holiday hangover and the constant battling of frigid weather, January isn’t the easiest month to feel pretty. Luckily, I have a few tips to help perk you up and get you through to spring!

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