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Let This Helmet Shave Your Head for You

What does this button do? Continue reading to find out more! Earlier, we asked you whether or not you should shave your legs. But, as we saw, even thinking about shaving our legs can be a bothersome process. But what if someone invented an automatic shaver that could shave our legs in just seconds? Well, […]

5 Valentine’s Day Gift “Stuffers” Under $15

Christmas shouldn’t be the only holiday to have “stocking stuffers!” While we may flourish our significant others with flowers, chocolates, and diamonds (oh, lucky you!), we can also appreciate the gift of giving some awesome Valentine’s Day gift “stuffers!” (Psst, these are all under $15, too!). 1. Giant Gummi Bear (on a stick), $12.00Think your […]

Spotted! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez…Walking?!

This time, Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez were not spotted at an IHOP, rather they were spotted this past weekend…walking around. This totally means they’re dating!

7 Must-See Adorable Pieces of Sushi Art

When it comes to sushi, I feel like it’s an art for the right cut of sashimi to be placed on that roll of rice. Okay, maybe it’s just me. But surely, when you see these real sushi art, you’ll definitely agree that these are some of the most adorable sushi you’ve ever seen! 1. […]

Photoshop Disaster: Crystal Renn Gets Photoshopped… Again!

Yeah… That’s Crystal Renn! A couple months ago, Lovelyish published a post regarding Crystal Renn getting mad for having her photos photoshopped to be thinner than she really is. Well, it seems the controversy of Photoshopping continues on. Crystal Renn is featured on the latest magazine, titled Paper Planes. The black and white photos of […]

Nicki Minaj Goes “NUDE” On Her Birthday!

You guys may not like that Nicki Minaj is dressing up like “Lady Gaga” but let’s face it, she must be doing something RIGHT if she’s getting this much attention for her outfits than for her music. Nicki Minaj, dawned as the “Black Lady Gaga” at times, was seen wearing this champagne-coloured body suit which […]

5 Reasons to Buy Maxine Dillon Handbags This Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially the beginning of Christmas shopping. It’s only the beginning but I’m finding myself thinking up a storm on what to get my close gal pals! One consideration would be a handbag designed and made by the lovely Los Angeles-based handbag designer, FIDM alum Maxine Dillon. Her work has […]

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