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Perfect Gallery Wall Prints From Etsy

Being a fashionista, my one bedroom apartment is about the most unfashionable, ugly place. One would think someone’s style would reflect in their home, but mine certainly does not. It is new and a great place to live, but is hideous. It is so boring with plane white walls and barely there decor; there is no character. I […]

Noelle’s Altered Book Inspiration

Awhile ago I shared with all of you why I think your next project should be an altered book. This means taking an old hardcover book that you are no longer planning to read and turning it into your own personal work of art. There are no rules for creating a project like this, which […]


7 Easter Egg DIYs You Need To Try

With Easter just a little more than a month away, I’m already thinking about how I want to decorate my Easter eggs this year. Now, you may be asking yourself why a 21-year-old still dyes Easter eggs when she has no younger siblings or little kids around, but this has been one of my favorite […]

Shopped Tattoos: 12 Photos Imagining If Your Favorite Celebrities Were Covered In Ink

It’s not always easy to approve of all the Photoshopping going on these days, but here is one Photoshop job I can get behind! As a heavily tattooed lady, I often dream of what it would be like if celebrities had some ink. Unfortunately, we just aren’t there yet. Tattoos aren’t as widely accepted as […]


Why Your Next Project Should Be An Altered Book

I am the type of person who likes to always have a project going. Whenever I have free time I love to have something, whether it be an art project or a DIY craft, that I can work on. A few years ago I had the opportunity to make an altered book for a class, […]

Beautiful Examples Of Hand-Drawn Calligraphy

Last night I decided to check one of my new year’s resolutions off my list and sign up for a calligraphy class. Lucky for me I found an “Art of Modern Calligraphy” class on Skillshare taught by the super talented Molly Jacques. The whole class is entirely online and only $20!! I am over the […]

neutrals10 copy

An Ode To Neutrals

In my old age I have stepped away from color and stepped into the world of neutrals. I am not completely sure how the transformation began, but I look at my room now, totally black and white, my wardrobe, dominated by greys, whites, creams, blacks and every color in between and I just feel comfortable. […]

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