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How To Fill In Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows frame the entire face. If you do not fill in your brows or at least run some clear brow gel through them, your makeup is just not going to look complete. I honestly think that it may be one of the most important steps when applying makeup. I recently have fallen in love […]


Nikole’s March Favorites

Here are the products that I had been loving for the entire month of March…


Nikole Reviews: Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Wax Kit

For months I had been going and getting my eyebrows threaded, I loved it at first until I started to notice she was making my eyebrows very thin. I have always had thicker eyebrows and I loved it that way, so I wanted to try to grow them back. I stopped going to get them […]


4 Impulse Beauty Buys I Don’t Regret

It’s easy to focus on those irresistible, spontaneous beauty purchases we make that don’t always get the job done — but what about those wonderful products out there that actually meet or exceed expectations? I don’t make impulse buys a habit, but sometimes you just can’t resist. Here are my latest picks that I’m glad I took […]


The Brow Products I Couldn’t Live Without!

Not to be dramatic, but your eyebrows can make or break your entire look. Your brows can easily make you look disheveled or put together, depending on how you keep up with them! I love a slightly disheveled ‘not so perfect’ brow sometimes, but other times, I want them to look precise and perfect. Needless […]

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