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What I’ve Learned During My First Year Of Post-Grad Life

via Lauren Conrad I graduated college May 2014, so my one year mark of living in the adult world is coming up quick. And to be honest, it’s been filled with plenty of ups and downs. I’ve arguably learned more during this year than in college…almost. This year has been spent learning about finances, friendships, and […]

Tips For Dealing With Stress

I am graduating in less than two months and am thrilled! Although, I have quite a bit of school work, an internship, a job and now I am starting to apply for jobs. With all that comes stress! I am normally pretty good about handling stress, but this is a lot going on. I have […]


8 Lies I Told Myself Freshman Year

Freshman year is full of new friends, experiences and responsibilities. Now a sophomore, I’ve looked back and realized I wasn’t all that honest with myself when it came to accepting those responsibilities. Here are 8 lies I told myself freshman year and the lessons I was a little reluctant to learn! 1. One more episode […]


13 Signs You Need To Break Up

via Barefoot Blonde Some of you might have cringed a little when reading this title, simply because it brings up a memory of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. To be more specific, an ex who stuck around for a little too long… or way past their welcome. This has definitely been the case for me once […]


What I Would Tell My College Freshman Self Today

Three years ago, I remember my parents and peers telling me how quickly college would fly by as I began to make a list of dorm supplies to buy before moving into my freshman dorm. My 18 year old self didn’t believe them at the time, but soon enough, the school I saw as a […]

How To Survive Your First Year Of Marriage

9 Tips To Survive Your First Year Of Marriage

There is a common belief that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and personally I have to disagree. Sure it’s no cake-walk and there are a few hurdles and obstacles to overcome, but I can assure you that if I can do it, anyone can! Here are a few things I’ve learned that […]


What I Learned From My First Major Breakup

I didn’t really date too seriously in high school (small, small town), so after transferring to a larger university my sophomore year of college, I finally met a guy (through MySpace of all places) and started dating. And through this relationship and eventual breakup, I learned more about myself than ever. The Story The relationship […]

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