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8 Vintage Ads That Are Totally Sexist

It’s fairly often that I find myself thinking I was born in the wrong time period. All my favorite movies are pre 1965 and my satellite radio stays on the 50’s station. I love the fashion, the makeup and just the fact the women were so — for lack of better words — womanly. That […]

American Apparel In Trouble (Again) Over Risqué Ads

American Apparel seems to be in trouble. Again. The brand widely known for their use of “normal women” has had two complaints brought against them — and both have been upheld after investigations by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The photos in question are the ones promoting American Apparel’s knitwear, thigh-high socks and body […]

Transgender Community Offended By IKEA Ad

Alright, so I decided to write about this because I wanted to get some opinions on the matter. I clicked on the link and watched the commercial, curious that it seemed to upset so many people.

Weird Ads That Probably Shouldn’t Exist

I’m all for “artistic license,” but when your artistic license includes putting screaming mouths in places screaming mouths don’t belong and eyeballs in babies’ mouths, it’s a little questionable. Here are some ads that have confused me, startled me and just creeped me out.

6 Fake-But-Funny End Of The World Ads From Durex

If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook lately, it’s likely that plenty of hubbub about the end of the world has been taking over your news feed. According to some theorists, the world is supposed to end this Friday, December 22, 2012, where the Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt halt. Even though I’m not one […]

BANNED: American Apparel Gets Ad Blocked In The UK

The UK is pretty notorious for banning controversial ads. From Marc Jacobs to Dior, a number of big names have been blocked from running certain advertisements, proving that even the most rich and famous aren’t always above the law. American Apparel, unshockingly, has also faced restrictions in the UK for some scandalous ads (NSFW) that […]

9 Awkward Ad Placements

Ads. Sometimes they drive you crazy, and other times they can have you rolling on the floor laughing. (Remember that show that only featured funny or controversial commercials? It was so ridiculous and awesome to just sit and watch a TV show filled with ads.) And sometimes even the most banal of advertisements can make […]

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