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Hide A Bad Hair Day With A Scarf

I am currently growing out my pixie cut, and it is at that awkward stage. I have been wearing a lot of hair accessories to keep me from going crazy and cutting my hair short again. Although, I really don’t own many headbands or clips, so I have been using scarves. I love when items […]

Megan’s Must-Have Fitness Accessories

Summer is just around the corner, which means it is time to really commit to our workouts. New gear always motivates me to get moving! Here are some of my favorite fitness accessories to try out for spring… The first accessory everyone needs is a great gym bag. I love the black and white print of […]

Allison’s Spring Accessory Wishlist

via Then Let It Be This spring, I am obsessed with golds and pinks. Not only do these colors go with everything in my closet, they’re also classic and I won’t be looking to replace them any time soon. I’ve been spotting these colors everywhere, from bobbi pins and chained rings to long necklaces and […]

9 Mismatched Earring Combinations To Try This Spring

via Bldg 25 I recently added a few more piercings to my ears, and I’m love that I’m able to mix and match my ever-growing stud collection. Here are a few mismatched earring sets that I’m loving lately…

The Trend Assistant

Trend Alert: Ear Cuffs

via The Trend Assistant The ear cuff trend has been around for quite some time now. When it first appeared on the fashion scene I was pretty skeptical about it. I thought it was a bit tacky and too flashy for the ear but the style has definitely grown on me. I don’t think I have […]

10 Pairs of Trendy Glasses

via Lord Ashbury Glasses always seemed so unattractive to me – partially because I never thought I’d be able to pull them off. That was until I had to get a pair of my own about two years ago. Flash forward to now and I’m about to get my second pair, which I’m super excited about! Don’t […]

Eye Clutch

The Not So Evil, Evil Eye

via A Bit of Sass During ancient times, a curse was believed to be cast just by giving someone an evil, malevolent look. The “Evil Eye” supposedly has the power to inflict harm or injury on others. To protect oneself from evil forces, amulets and other charms of the eye were created and worn to […]

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