My Bridal Shower Inspiration

This weekend is my best friend’s bridal shower! This is my first time being a bridesmaid in a wedding, so naturally it’s the first shower that I’ve actually played a part in planning. We (the bridesmaids and I) knew we wanted something super cute for her, while also implementing components from her wedding theme. We decided on a Cupcakes and Champagne theme with yellow accents, and her favorite flower, sunflowers!

We’ve been planning for about a month and after many weekends of successful DIYs, I am so excited to see everything come together. We’ve been looking through Pinterest and sending each other decorations, food, and games that we like.

Here are a few elements that we’re incorporating into the bridal shower to celebrate my best friend! These are perfect to incorporate into a bridal shower of your own, or any party that may be coming up!

The invitations:

We wanted the invitations to clearly show the theme to guests. We also included a small recipe card for friends and famaily to share their favorite recipes for the new couple to try out.

My Bridal Shower Inspirationvia Etsy

 The Games: 

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Standout Nail Polishes To Wear This Spring

Spring Floral Nailsvia Always In Trend

I’m one of those people who wears nail polish colors according to season. Deep, dark colors in the winter/fall and lighter, bright colors in spring/summer. Through the years, I’ve come to love certain polishes for the springtime and it’s a welcomed change from the dark winter. For the perfect manicure, I always start with OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, followed by polish and finished off with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Now for the fun part! Take a look at my personal favorite spring nail polishes to try throughout the season.


Blue PolishOPI Can’t Find My Czechbook | Essie Borrowed & Blue | OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!

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5 Tips For New Runners

 via Bustle

1. Start slow

Even though I have been running pretty consistently for almost five years, I will take a couple months off every so often because of an injury or simply because I just need a break. I am the absolute worst of starting slow or easing into something. I am a bit of an extremist, I will decide to start my running routine up again and be like “Ok, today I am going to run ten miles!”. I am totally abnormal and can easily do this, but it is so much better on your body to ease into something. There is no need to shock it and risk an injury. If you never exercise, start by walking for 30 minutes maybe three times a week. After a couple weeks try intervals, like jogging for five minutes then walking for two and repeating four or five times. Then, gradually build up to running the entire 30 minutes. If you already workout and want to start running, start with two miles three times a week for a couple of weeks. After you feel comfortable with that, add on a mile and run three miles for a couple of weeks and continue to gradually increase your distance.

2. Make a schedule

In order to see results and improve, it is essential to make a schedule. On Sunday, schedule time for your runs in your phone and set an alarm. Make it a date with a friend if you are likely to hit the snooze button! Here are a few schedules that I like that you can use as a guide: 

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Rachel’s Top 3 Places To Buy Candles

candle sticksvia Etsy

I have a slight obsession with candles. At any given time there’s at least four candles on my dresser in my bedroom. I particularly love candles that have a shabby chic, vintage look to them, or if they are in a mason jar. My favorite candle scents are fresh and clean, like white tea & ginger or honeysuckle. There are certain places I always frequent when I’m looking for new candles.

DENVER, CO, OCTOBER 9, 2003--Anthropologie store at the Cherry Creek Mall markets a "lifestyle" as opposed to a certain commodity. Clothes and home furnishings that appeal to the same shopper are available inside. (DENVER POST STAFF PHOTO BY GLENN ASAKAWAvia Huffington Post

Anthropologie has the best home section, hands down. I absolutely love their candles because they come in all different types of jars that are pretty to keep on display even after they are burned through. Anthro candles also have out-of-the-box scents like fig olive oil, which I happen to love. Although some of their candles are pricey, they do burn very nice and act as a decorative piece.

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Marisa’s Spring Wish List

I always go a little crazy when it comes to shopping during the spring time. I get a sudden urge to try new makeup and styles. My favorite stores begin coming out with the cutest clothes and accessories around spring time, and my list of “essentials” starts getting a little longer.

Here are my current favorites that I’m dying to get my hands on!


1. NARS blush/bronzer

I’m in the market for a new blush and bronzer, so this palette seems like the perfect choice! I’ve heard so many good things about the Nars blushes and bronzers in particular, so I’m definitely wanting to try out this duo.

2. Free People strappy bralette

I’ve been loving bralette’s lately. They’re so comfy and I love the strappy back trend that’s happening. They’re perfect for tank tops or even just under t-shirt. Way more comfy than an actual bra! My current must-have is the bralette from Free People.

3. Bathing suits

Bathing suits are obviously needed for the spring and summer time. As soon as they’re availability in my favorite stores, it’s hard for me to not purchase a few pieces. Forever 21, Target, and Victoria’s Secret are a few of my favorite places to purchase swimwear. I’m currently loving a pop of color or pattern on their the top or bottom. I especially like pieces that are easy to mix and match.

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8 Printable Outdoor Workouts To Try

With the weather warming up, I have been taking my workouts outdoors. My go-to outdoor workouts are running, walking or hiking. Although, it is good to mix it up and have a balanced workout schedule that isn’t just cardio. When I want to mix it up, I do some circuits or strength train, normally by going to a workout class or watching a video. In the winter, I shared 7 Days of Printable At-Home Workouts to do too. These printable workouts are perfect for taking outdoors, but here are eight specific outdoor printable workouts:

At the playground:

via Fit Bottomed Girls

via The Better Mom

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Easy Ways To Eat Healthier This Spring

via angelahardison

Now that spring is here, we’re shedding most of our cozy layers and focusing more on lighter apparel. I don’t know about you, but this time of the year is really hard for me. I’m making an effort to fit into my clothing from spring/summer, and let’s just say that I’m not too pleased with how everything is fitting. If you’re looking to make some healthier choices this season, here are a few ways you can make that happen — and actually stick to it.

Start the mornings off right.

Sugary coffee and a croissant may taste great, but we’re not exactly getting the mornings off to a great start. It all started to click for me when I thought of my body as a machine. If I feed it something packed with energy and healthy, it’s going to run better.

via thevanillabeanblog

Don’t immediately equate quitting with just skipping a day.

So you slipped up and made a few unhealthy choices — that doesn’t mean that the whole diet is shot. I’ve never been a fan of restrictive diets that deliver fast results. Why? Because they’re impossible to keep up, and right when you decide that enough is enough, you’re going to gain all of that weight back — and then some. 

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