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Sun Care

It’s Time To Add Sun Care Products To Your Daily Skincare Routine!

via A Beauty Club The weather in New York seemed to have jumped from winter to summer, completely skipping spring. The temperatures have risen into the mid to high 70s within the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero complaints after the winter we endured here in NY. With the abundant amounts […]

Summer Wishlist

My Wish List Just Keeps On Growing…

For someone my age, I think I’m very good with my money. I try to only buy things if I truly need it and I don’t have any debt besides student loans, naturally. Considering this, I try to treat myself to items I want from time to time. It can be something something small like […]

Blue Eye Makeup

The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown, Blue, Hazel & Green Eyes

via She Look Book Eye color is beyond unique. It’s something that can really change your entire look and make people notice you among a crowd. Some people are blessed to have striking eyes and some aren’t. I’m not. I have medium-colored brown eyes. I don’t hate my eye color but it’s just so…average. I […]


Rachel’s Ultimate #SquadGoals

via Teeisland Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and get insanely jealous when you come across a celebrity group picture? I do. I imagine when Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne walk down the street, it’s in slow motion, their hair is blowing in the wind and people just stare at them. […]

Food In The Air

5 Drool-Worthy Instagram Accounts To Follow!

via Food In The Air Disclaimer: do not read this post on an empty stomach. You’ve been warned. I love looking at pictures of food almost as much as I love eating food. Food porn, as it’s commonly referred to, is a compilation of drool-worthy pictures that are guaranteed to make your stomach growl, and […]

Nirvana White

A Fragrance For Every Occasion

Hi Lovelies! We’re so sorry about the silence the past few weeks. Each of the editors are going through some big changes, and at the same time many of our contributors finished up their jobs with Lovelyish. We should have taken some time to write an update and let you Lovelies know. To be honest […]

Spring Floral Nails

Standout Nail Polishes To Wear This Spring

via Always In Trend I’m one of those people who wears nail polish colors according to season. Deep, dark colors in the winter/fall and lighter, bright colors in spring/summer. Through the years, I’ve come to love certain polishes for the springtime and it’s a welcomed change from the dark winter. For the perfect manicure, I […]

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