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Would You Visit A Tolkien Theme Park?

Nerds rejoice, for Middle-Earth could be just an admission ticket (and probable road trip) away! It is rumored that the extraordinary success of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, along with the still-grossing The Hobbit, has led Warner Bros. to consider expanding the magical world into real-life. Read more about which movie’s theme park inspired […]

22 Hilarious Disney Face Swaps!

For the new year, my gift to you is the comical and slightly horrific face swapping of your most notable Disney characters. Surely, The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel and Eric have never looked hotter, but the rest of the Disney Face Swap Tumblr‘s wonders will leave you with an off-putting expression along with a nostalgic urge […]

Is Kelly Osbourne Still Considered Fat?

Kelly Osbourne has undergone an intense transformation, shedding pounds along with her bratty image to become a class act on the fashion forefront. But despite her self-improvements, she still struggles with the public’s perception of her. Read what Osbourne had to say about her body image after the jump. 

10 Brilliant Calendars For 2013

It’s not too late to snatch up a calendar for 2013! Don’t be like me and wait months into a new year to buy a boring one and then forget to flip to the next month, ever. I’d file this habit under #26 of Leslie’s Tips On Wasting $15 Annually. But with these creative and […]

14 Legendary ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Screencaps

Now that we’re in 2013, I have to say that my 2012 had many successes, one of which was finally watching How I Met Your Mother. I get it now, guys. This show is a gem with brilliant character development and storytelling, and it’s only getting better as the seasons progress. Are you a fan […]

Psy Calling It Quits With ‘Gangnam Style’

Psy, the man behind the viral “Gangnam Style” craze that kinda ruined every holiday party with awkward dancing, is putting the kibosh on the song that made him an international sensation. His performance of the YouTube hit last night on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve may have been his last! So why is Psy […]

8 Foreign (And Weird) New Year’s Eve Traditions

For New Year’s Eve, we American’s usually just douse ourselves in glitter, get tipsy and pucker up at the stroke of midnight. Although I have no problem with that tradition (and don’t save for it for only one day a year…) we seem pretty boring compared to other countries and their own celebrations. I mean, […]

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