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My 15 Hair Care Essentials

Since long hair suits my face best, I’ve tried to take good care of my hair since I was a teenager. Over the years I’ve tried tons of different hair products, particularly every shampoo, conditioner and treatment under the sun. And though I tend to stick to more affordable drugstore products with few ingredients when it […]

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14 Tantalizing Appetizers And Desserts

I love entertaining because I love to feed my friends and ply them with plenty of drinks. Presentation is always key when it comes to parties, and though I don’t like to cook too much, I do enjoy preparing appetizers and desserts. Check out some of my favorite easy and inspiring appetizers and desserts! 1. […]


What’s In My Bag: Minimalist and Mom of Two

Since becoming a mom, I’ve definitely become a minimalist as far as what I carry in my bag, even when I’m out and about without the kids. They require so much gear, I’m used to traveling with less for myself. Plus we live in Brooklyn and walk everywhere, so the less weight I have to […]

10 step korean skincare routine

My 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

Back in September I blogged about how I noticed a big difference in my skin since I started using Korean skincare products. It’s now been about 6 months and I’ve become a complete devotee. I haven’t had a single breakout in the past 6 months, and people regularly ask what I’m using on my skin! This is my […]

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Bee’s Christmas Wishlist

I kind of cheated when writing this post because while I do really want (or already own) the things on this list, I couldn’t help but to incorporate gifts that I thought would be great for a wide variety of people in your life. I have things in every price range from budget to splurge […]

18 korean beauty products to buy right now

18 Korean Beauty Products I Can’t Wait to Try

Since I became a Korean skincare convert, I’ve been looking into adding more Korean skincare and makeup products to my repertoire. I used a lot of Korean makeup when I was younger because the colors tended to match the yellow undertones of my skin better than America or European brands. And the packaging is so […]

Top 10 Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products

I started wearing less makeup after having kids, so over the past couple of years I’ve sought out more budget-friendly drugstore replacements for some of my favorite products and brands. It didn’t make sense for me to spend a lot on mascara that I would only wear once or twice a month, and there are […]

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