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5 Quick Hairstyles For “Second Day Hair”

via Byte Models  It is not good for your hair to wash it every night. It dries your hair out and is usually unnecessary, I normally recommend shampooing every two days. Letting your hair get dirty deposits your natural oils back through the strands, which makes it stronger and shinier. The problem with waiting two […]


My Five Favorite Tinted Moisturizers

My skin is tragically sensitive. I have to be very careful with what makeup I use. Whenever I go to a makeup counter, the makeup artist on duty wants to play dress up with my face. Which is fantastic! Except, they never listen to me when I say that I don’t like to wear foundation. […]

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Clover’s Favorite Perfumes For Fall And Winter

It is time for me to start thinking about what scent I want to wear for the next six months. If you are not someone who normally changes their perfume scent with the seasons, that is okay. You should give it a try though. I love putting on a spicy oriental perfume, or a warm floral scent […]

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4 All Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Divine

I remember my Mom brewing cloves and orange slices in a pot to make make the house smell like Fall. It is a favorite sensory memory of mine. I loved the smell, and I was enraptured by my Mother’s know how. She told me it was something her Mother used to do too. So simmering […]

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Clover Crafts: Make Your Own Solid Perfume

I have been really interested in making solid perfume for a while. I have an extensive essential oils collection, so I have plenty to work with. I can never pass up something that smells good. It borders on a disorder, a nice disorder… one where everything smells wonderful. If loving fabulous scents is wrong, I […]

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Velvet: The Fall Trend That I Am The Most Excited About!

I think that velvet is the ultimate cold weather fabric. It is going to be a big trend towards late Fall, and I could not be any more thrilled. The last time velvet was big was maybe seventh grade, for me. I have loved velvet as long as I can remember. I am a very […]

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The Surprising Origins Of Some Common Superstitions!

 I am getting really in the mood for Halloween. I have to wait another month for my favorite holiday. To keep me occupied, so I don’t start wearing costumes everyday due to impatient madness, I have been reading all manners of creepy themed books. After reading an interesting vampire romance novel, I started leafing through […]

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