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Confession: I Love Light Fixtures

I know this sounds really weird, but ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by light fixtures. They can be so beautiful and have the ability to completely transform a space. Lighting has so much to do with the vibe of a place and its atmosphere. Although I don’t have stellar […]

Decorating Idea: Ombre It

Looking for a fun, quirky and interesting way to change up what you already own? A great way to do this is by painting pieces in your house ombre. Whether it is your banister, shelves, drawers or possibly even a wall. Simply pick out a color scheme you like and paint away!

DIY Bath Products!

This month’s issue of Self has a couple of really great, super easy ideas for do-it-yourself bath products. Not only do these products help you save money (so long ridiculously expensive scrubs and creams), but they also help you to be aware of exactly what you are putting on your body. I don’t know about […]

The Low Down On Gluten-Free Beers

Recently, Refinery 29 wrote about the best gluten-free beers out there are. Being gluten-free myself, I very much so appreciated this article. Because being gluten-free hasn’t been as much of a trend until very recently, I had to figure out a lot of dietary choices within my perimeters on my own. Since beer was clearly […]

I Want To See ‘Spring Breakers’

Spring Breakers, which was released on March 21, is a movie about four college girls (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine) who fund their spring break trip by robbing a restaurant. After landing in jail due to this robbery, a drug dealer (James Franco) bails them out in exchange for some “dirty […]

3 Simple And Yummy Popcorn Recipes

My idea of a perfect snack? Popcorn, for sure. It’s so unbelievably tasty, fills my belly and never makes me feel bloated or like I should feel guilty for overindulging. The only thing better than freshly popped popcorn? Many different types of popcorn ranging from salty to sweet and spicy and everywhere in between. Whether […]

You Don’t Have To Be The Best

This is a lesson that has been very difficult for me to learn. Being a perfectionist, I always want to accomplish every task I tackle flawlessly. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible or attainable. In the past (and even sometimes now), I’ve found myself extremely frustrated that I can’t seem to do things as well as I […]

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