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Readers’ Most Overplayed Club Song 2011: LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem

Readers went clubbing last Friday night dancing ’til the world ends, but apparently you all were not in the mood to shuffle and voted LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” as the most overplayed club song for 2011.

Readers’ Favorite Fashion Trend 2011: Lace

When we asked what your favorite fashion trend was for 2011, lace won without a question. And with all the different styles and uses for it in fashion it’s easy to see why you Lovelies love it so much!

Readers’ Most Memorable Fashion Moment 2011: Kate Middleton’s Dress In The Royal Wedding

Bravo readers and fashionistas! You have spoken well giving the title of most memorable fashion moment of 2011 to Kate Middleton’s wedding dress in the royal wedding and we couldn’t agree more!

Help A Lovely: Which Lip Color Works Better?

Lovely Sinful_Soul1 asks: I am having a very hard time deciding what lipstick color goes nicely with my skin tone. It drives me crazy how my friend can wear any lip color of the rainbow because she is like 12 shades lighter than me. I love the color pink or nude but here’s another problem, […]

10 Simple Ways To Make Everyday Life Easier

There are certain moments in life where you simply blank and wonder: Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Because life can be stressful and busy enough as it is, here are 10 household solutions that can help make your life a bit easier. 

Bringing Sexy Back: How Much Is Too Much Skin With Backless?

Backless shirts and dresses have a certain appeal that brings a mysterious sultriness to outfits but there’s a difference between being fashionably revealing and just plain trashy so how much is too much? 

5 Strange New Years Traditions From Across the World

Although the typical New Year’s eve bash will usually consist of a celebratory toast, confetti and a midnight kiss other countries around the world have different ways of celebrating the new year. 

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