9 Things I Wish I Knew As A College Freshman

It is really crazy to me that I just started my senior year in college. I remember being a senior in high school and that feels like 5 minutes ago; time flies is an understatement. Although I still have a lot to learn as I plan to go to graduate school, there is so much I wish I knew going into college. There is no official way to get you through the four years of college, but I want to give you some tips that orientation won’t tell you.

College is a time to find yourself, as corny as that sounds. You will experience things that will make you a stronger, better and a more mature person if you take it all in. The past few years I realized how much more I am capable of than I thought. I was once watching a show and someone said, “You never know how much you can rise until you are asked to do so,” and in college you will be asked to do so. Be open to making mistakes, learning new things and doing things outside of your comfort zone, because at the end of the day that is what college is for. Make the most of your college experience because they are the years to truly devote to yourself. Set yourself up for success in the future by taking the right approach – but also don’t forget to just have fun (which I’m sure you will)!

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1. Speak to upperclassman going in the same direction as you

College isn’t like the movies where freshman Friday actually exists. The upperclassmen are your friends. They will help you in a way that the administration can’t because they have been through exactly what you are going through not so long ago. They have already learned the ins and outs of the college and when it comes to taking the right classes, the right professors, and joining the right clubs there is no one better to rely on.

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9 Things You Need To See From New York Fashion Week SS15

New York Fashion Week has officially come to a close. For one week, I’ve watched as trends have been born, put to rest and revived. However after seeing all these collections, via Internet photos and live streams, I’ve realized that NYFW SS15 is all about these nine things listed below…

1. Prints that add a level of intrigue

Opening Ceremony via Opening Ceremony

2. Complex patterns that make your clothes move, even before you do

Alexander Wang via Columbine

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How To Eat Healthier In College

I truly consider myself to be a healthy person, especially while I’m on summer vacation: I exercise at least three times a week, get my eight hours of beauty sleep every night and eat all my vegetables. But as soon as school starts, everything changes.

By the end of each semester I seem to morph into a zombie, as do all of my friends. It’s terrifying. Just last night I stayed up until four in the morning finishing up a homework assignment and almost ate an entire jar of peanut butter. Grabbing something quick and staying up late may make it seem like it gives you more time to complete your assignments and earn those grades, but in reality, it makes you sick, tired and less inclined to work and retain knowledge.

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1. Stock your fridge with fruits and raw veggies

College is a time of snacks: running late to a morning class? snack. Five minute break in between classes? snack. Bored in class? snack. Up at three a.m. and procrastinating? snack. It is not only a bad habit for health reasons, but it is also extremely annoying to never be satisfied and always feel hungry. I think we have all at least thought about trying to stop this habit, but sometimes you are just too hungry (or bored or in a procrastinating mood) so what I recommend is to snack with fruits and crudities. I know it doesn’t sound as appealing as a chocolate bar or bag of chips (because it’s not) but it will do the task and you will be in much better shape, physically and mentally.

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Send a Care Package: Baked Goods

When I was a freshman, a close family friend mailed me the sweetest package—a big box filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Even though I had plenty of goodies in the school cafeteria, I still savored these and ate them all! There’s just something about receiving homemade treats in the mail, don’t you think?

So, my sister started her freshman year of college and I knew I wanted to send her homemade treats. But it turns out that sending baked goods through snail mail is actually harder than you would think. You can’t just send anything and you also have to budget your time accordingly so the goods don’t get stale. I finally settled on my all-time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (try it here, the secret is vanilla pudding!) and I packaged them today! After sending my little care package, I wanted to share my best tips for shipping your own baked goods.

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Alternative Engagement Rings

When most people think of engagement rings, the classic round diamond solitaire probably comes to mind. But I’ve really been loving the trend of simpler rings and alternative stones (including black/gray/brown diamonds, pearls and gemstones) in recent years. When a friend showed us her black diamond engagement ring a couple years ago, we all gasped because it was so beautiful, untraditional and it suited her so perfectly (she was never a diamond solitaire kinda gal).

Now that I’m older (married almost 10 years + 2 kids), a simpler ring would better suit my lifestyle because to be honest, I don’t wear my engagement ring anymore. Unfortunately rings tend to get in the way when you’re constantly using your hands, picking kids up, and washing your hands. I also have a problem with it snagging on my gloves in the winter, so I worry about the stone falling out, or even getting mugged!

If I were to pick an engagement ring today, I’d definitely go the more dainty/alternative route. The trend of smaller rings has been around for a while, and I love them as engagement rings because they can be stacked and styled many different ways, dressed up and dressed down. And of course because they use smaller stones and alternative stones, they cost much less than traditional diamond engagement rings.

Here is an assortment of beautiful rings from some of my favorite jewelry designers: Jennie Kwon, Blanca Monros Gomez, Mociun, and Satomi Kawakita.

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Buying a DSLR: What You Should Know

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After spending years debating whether to buy a DSLR, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a Canon Rebel T3i. It’s probably one of my biggest purchases to date, but it was also completely worth it. Although I am over the moon about my DSLR, the process to actually buying it wasn’t as great. Since these cameras tend to be on the expensive side, I felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of models, companies, and options that are out there. To top it off, I felt that all my photography-obsessed friends each had their own opinion about certain brands. I spent hours researching the best type of camera for me to purchase. So, to help anyone who also might be considering buying a DSLR, I summarized my research below!

 1. Consider if you really need one.

In a world where so much of social media revolves around photos, a camera capable of taking high-quality photos is on anyone’s wishlist. But that doesn’t mean you need one.

Keep in mind that digital cameras (otherwise known as point-and-shoots) and your iPhone are capable of taking great pictures too without the heavy price tag, as long as you know how to shoot and edit a good picture (I like Elsie’s tips for iPhone pictures here). Fantastic photos unfortunately don’t come in the box with the DSLR. There’s a learning curve with using these cameras, not to mention different accessories you’ll need to purchase for high quality pictures like additional lenses which are typically hundreds of dollars. If you’re only looking to take shots of your family, friends, or pets, a point-and-shoot might be a good option. If you’re looking to take a lot of action shots, underwater shots, or just crazy in shots in general, a Go-Pro might be a better option for you. That isn’t to say a DSLR can’t take pictures of your family or friends, but it may not be a smart investment when there are much more affordable options out there.

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Amy’s End Of Summer Favorites

Fall is right around the corner which means summer is finally coming to a close. Students are heading off to school and leaves will soon begin to fall. Before I start my back to school shopping, I decided to figure out which products I love and which I am going to stop using in the upcoming months. Summer is the best time to try out a beauty product to test their longevity, color, and overall performance. It is also a great time to experiment with new skin care and of course, wear your favorite summer clothes. These products are the standouts of my summer and the things that kept me looking fresh, tanned, and entertained from June until September.

1. Netflix

This summer I spent my days working on school, working on blog posts or working out. Then my favorite part of the day would roll around where I tuck myself into bed and I push play on my favorite show. At the beginning of summer I binge watched every episode of Desperate Housewives in a whopping 27 days. If you have any recommendations for shows that are a must see I would love to hear them; I’m still trying to fill my DH void.

2. Miss Manga Mascara

I have never been a huge fan applying mascara over any other product. When I do wear mascara, I have been reaching for this one by L’Oreal. It gives my lashes nice long looking curl without clumps. After one coat of this mascara I like to apply a coat of another L’Oreal mascara to add extra length. For the summer I particular enjoy this mascara because it is nearly impossible to get off. There is no flaking or smudging throughout the day and it is a great summertime mascara for those who are sweating or outside a lot.

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