The Ultimate Guide To Your 1920s Halloween Costume

During Halloween season we always see the typical flapper dress and when you think of The Roaring Twenties, flappers, jazz, lavish parties, the Charlestonand The Great Gatsby may come to mind. But what you may not realize is how much the 1920′s have influenced our beauty and fashion today and how we can modernize the typical costume. The iconic 20′s look has been recreated for years and is the most influential and favorite time period for fashion, beauty and attitude for me. Here is a guide on how to dress and act like you just walked out of The Great Gatsby this Halloween

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The flapper, as most people know, is the beaded dress with red lips and bobbed hair look. But a flapper was not just a look — it was an attitude. They were characterized as being different, risk-takers, rebellious, going against the status-quo, sexual and freed from previous restrictions. Their attitude brought about the sexy and flashy beauty and fashion trends that we see inspiring people today.


During the 1920′s bobbed hair with finger waves was extremely popular worn by the most famous “it girls” of the time. Now, finger waves may not be our go to style but the style has evolved over the years. Celebrities such as Christina Aguilera have rocked the new and improved flapper style bobbed hair to today’s society.

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If you want to have your Halloween costume be The Great Gatsby-esque, you can create a modern finger wave with a simple curling iron, pins and a comb. Lauren Conrad shows a simple way to achieve the look of a vintage vixen on The Beauty Department!


The makeup industry was just starting out in the ’20s, and celebrities of the time such as Theda Bara and Clara Bow inspired women by wearing bright lipstick shades and heavy eye makeup. To get the heavy eye makeup look, the whole eye was lined with black eyeliner and smudged to the margins of the eye for a blurred effect. But probably the most iconic beauty look was the dark lipstick that emphasized the cupid’s bow.

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For most people dark eyes and dark lips is taboo, but pushing the makeup boundaries during Halloween is totally acceptable and even encouraged! I would not suggest walking out of the house with exactly this type of makeup, but a revised modern version of it is very doable and easy for people to understand what look you want to pull off. A soft and gentle smokey eye, a winged eyeliner and red lips will do the trick as seen in the following photo.

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If you aren’t sure how to apply the makeup I just mentioned, this simple pictorial made by Cosmopolitan gives you a step-by-step on how to achieve your Gatsby style makeup.


Fashion was not just fashion in the 1920′s. Fashion was a movement. It pushed the social norms with more risqué style – shortening the hemlines, lowering the neckline, etc. Without the fashion shift, today’s trends would not be what they are. 1920′s fashion paved the way for all the future generations. From Coco Chanel to Marlene Dietrich, these leading ladies defied the preconceived notions of their periods fashion and beauty.

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Even today we see the 1920′s influence of fashion. Carrie Bradshaw wore this modern flapper dress on Sex and the City in season three. To modernize the flapper dress this Halloween, go with a dress that has the essence of flapper without the flashy beads tiered down your dress. This dress from Alexia Admor is 1920′s inspired with a modern twist. No fringes makes this dress wearable, and the black and gold will look good on everyone. The sheer bottom also gives this edge an edge rather than just being a covered up midi.

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So if I still haven’t convinced you to dress up as a flapper from the Roaring Twenties and that flappers are the the “bees-knees” (1920′s slang for perfection) this Halloween, just pop in a dvd of The Great Gatsby and let Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio change your mind. ;)   Cheers!

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What is your favorite style Halloween costume? Do any time periods inspire you? 

Annie’s Plant-Based Diet Challenge: Week 2

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If you didn’t read last week, I recently started a month-long plant-based diet challenge with my husband. The first week went pretty well: I had no problems with craving meat or sugar but started to feel lightheaded all the time. I started taking two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses a day in order to ensure I was getting enough iron and that helped temporarily.

I was really excited about starting week two, but towards the middle of the week things took a turn for the worse again. My lightheadedness was back and I began feeling close to fainting on a consistent basis. On top of that I also felt really spaced-out and nauseated. After almost passing out on the way to a restaurant and then still feeling totally crappy after eating a huge vegan meal, I decided to reevaluate my diet. The whole reason I wanted to do this in the first place was to have enough energy to take care of my baby and feel great and since this was achieving the opposite, clearly I needed to make some changes.

I decided to eat some meat the next day as an experiment. If it made me feel better, obviously it’s something my body needs. My husband and I went out on a date night (our first in over 12 weeks!), I had some gluten free pesto pasta with chicken and wouldn’t you know I immediately felt more stable, grounded and like “myself.”

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6 Hairstyles I’m Dying To Try This Fall

Once the weather starts to cool down a little, I become way more adventurous with my hair. It may be because I’m in layers and I need my hair off of my back, or because it’s been cool and there was no need to wash my hair this week. Either way, I always bookmark a few different hairstyles to try once the humidity goes away. Here are a few styles that I’ll definitely be wearing this fall…

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I switch up my part pretty regularly, but I love the idea of a deep side part. It’s a great way to get some extra volume. It’d be a perfect style for date night—the idea of looking out from underneath your hair can create a sultry, mysterious vibe.

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This is some pretty gorgeous bedhead. I’m definitely making it a point this fall to embrace my natural texture and rock the bedhead every once and a while. I could use the extra sleep after all. Just put your hair in a ponytail or bun before bed and wake up, take it down, spritz some texturizing spray or dry shampoo and you’re good to go!

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Allison’s 9 Beauty Essentials For Fall

While I’m busy trying to control my oil and shine in the warmer months, my skin and hair pulls a complete 180 once the weather cools down. Before I know it, my hair is dry and lifeless and my skin is flaky and blotchy. It’s so important to slow things down and take those preventative measures before cracked skin and hair breakage starts to go down. Here are some of my beauty essentials that I’ll definitely be using this season…

Aesop Rinse-Free Hand Wash | Grey Garden Fragrance | Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Coriander and Honey Hand Therapy | Living Proof Instant Protection Spray | MAC Foundation Brush #188 | Catbird Horn Comb | Ilia Balmy Nights | NARS Highlighting Blush in Miss Liberty | Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

I’m definitely toting around the hand sanitizer this fall and winter. It can be really tough to find a good product that doesn’t dry out my hands and nails, but after hearing wonderful things about Aesop’s Rinse-Free Hand Wash. It’s infused with mandarin orange and lavender essential oils and doesn’t dry out my hands!

I must admit that it was the pressed flowers and branding that originally sucked me into trying this fragrance, but it was one of those instances when judging a perfume by its bottle really paid off. It’s musky and feminine all at once, and it’s made with natural ingredients. Score.

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How To Style Bralettes Year-Round

Although winter is fast approaching and it’s barely even fall (or so I tell myself), skimpy undies can still be worn year-round. Tasteful fashion sense never goes out of season. I’m talking about bralettes — casual lingerie that has taken over the role of an undershirt. So yeah, move over camis. Through trial and error, I have found the perfect outfit combos for all bralette styles.

M U S C L E   T E E


muscle tee is a great shirt to throw over a bralette, especially one that is structured with underwire cups and boning on the sides – sort of like a bustier. Since the armholes of a muscle tee are very open, a caged bralette exposes skin without being too revealing. However, if you normally skip out on wearing a bra altogether – either because you hate underwire or love your tiny ribcage tat – ditch the nip slip by throwing on a triangle bralette. Play up this sexy yet simple ensemble by tucking the front part of your tee into relaxed fit wide-leg pants or an asymmetrical wrap maxi skirt with a chain link belt. Continue the rocker rebel theme with fringe sandals, a chain crossbody bag, wayfarer sunglasses, and some arm candy. 

n0.1: Daydreamer muscle tee | no.2: Brandy Melville wide-leg pants | no.3: Charlotte Russe wrap maxi skirt  |  no.4: Topshop bustier bralette | no.5: Aritzia triangle bralette | no.6: Vanessa Mooney chain link belt  |  no.7: Loeffler Randall gladiator sandals |  no.8: Free People crossbody | no.9: Wildfox sunglasses  |  no.10: Alex and Ani wrap bracelet | no.11: C. Wonder wrap bracelet | no.12: Tory Burch wrap bracelet

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14 Healthy Beauty Products You Can Find At The Drugstore

Ideally every beauty product we use would be free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Unfortunately the beauty industry in the U.S. is not very well regulated making the use of unnatural products a bit of a gamble. There are tons of amazing natural and healthy beauty products on the market, but they aren’t always easy to find. Most of such products are found in specialty stores, websites or are just flat out expensive. Thankfully there are quite a few products that you can find at the drugstore that are toxin free… you just have to look for them! Here’s my guide to healthy products you can find at the drugstore.

1. This mascara is my absolute favorite!

2. I’ve talked about it a thousand times—I’m a huge fan of Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms. My current favorite color is Caramel Daisy–it’s the perfect subtle nude!

3/7. 100% Pure is a line of all-natural makeup and skin care that can be found in Duane Reade. My personal favorites are their Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer and Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

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The EDM Lover’s Ultimate Workout Playlist

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My brother’s wedding is coming up and you know what that means – it’s crunch time. Now I do not support any sort of crash dieting, but I do support having a goal and healthily meeting that goal. For me that is eating right and working out more often. I am a pretty active person but I tend to lose focus at the gym after a period of time, so I put together a playlist that will keep me pumped and excited to work out. I tend to only listen to electric dance music while I work out because it is upbeat and the drops re-energize me. Here are some of the songs that get me excited to work out, and hopefully will help you complete your exercise goals with a smile.

1. Dear New York- Firebeatz & Schella

2. Fire In Your New Shoes- Kaskade ft. Dragonette

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