Style Crush: Annabelle of VivaLuxury

Having such a busy schedule it is hard to go and just search for the perfect outfit for your occasion, so I lately I have turned to style/lifestyle blogs to do the work for me. Right now, I am style-crushing on Annabelle of VivaLuxury. A big reason why I follow her is that she links to everything she is wearing, from the outfits to the jewelry to the shoes. There are so many style bloggers out there and everybody has their own preference but let me convince you that VivaLuxury is a must read!

via VivaLuxury


Imagine trendy, classy and edgy all in one. What I really like about Annabelle is that all her outfits are cohesive from the outfit to the jewelry to the makeup. Oh and not to mention that she recently got to collaborate with Diane Von Furstenburg to create a wrap dress (shown below)!

via VivaLuxury

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Stylish Winter Coats To Keep You Warm This Season

As we all try to brave this arctic weather and stay safe, a sturdy and stylish winter coat is a complete necessity. Here are some coats to consider in the coldest of months.

P U F F E R  C O A T

A puffer coat is the right type of coat to be wearing in the cold. To make a down puffer coat stylish, always make sure it fits you well! Proportion is very important for these types of coats. A dark, long coat like this one from Happily Grey is not only fitted, has a bit of shine for a cool spin. Remember to invest in a good puffer coat! The price tag is there for a reason, and staying warm is of utmost importance.

via Happily Grey

via Jet Set Justine

W O O L / P E A  C O A T

Because it’s so cold, I always prefer a looser, cape style coat so I can layer underneath. Try a bell-shaped or cocoon coat for a feminine and flattering alternative and take it up a notch with an animal print coat.

via To Vogue Or Bust

via Atlantic-Pacific

via Stella Wants To Die

F A U X  F U R

I am an animal lover, so I always stray away from real fur. Because the look of faux fur can be very dramatic, a simple beanie and boots is always a good pairing.

via Happily Grey

via Not Your Standard

The most important thing to remember when keeping warm in the winter is to accessorize. And by accessorize, I mean layer! I am a huge fan of Uniqlo's heat-tech line. I have their heat tech long sleeved shirts, leggings and tights. For the techies and social media babies, make sure you snag some iPhone usable gloves with the interactive thumb!

What winter coats are you eyeing? Have you found the perfect balance of chic and warm coats? If so, do tell!

Fall Flannel Style Inspiration

via With Love From Kat

Pumpkins, leaves falling and changing colors are what come to mind when I think of fall but a trend that always seems to pop up are flannels! One of my favorite things about fall is being able to wear flannels! They're super cozy and comfortable but also stylish. In addition, they are very versatile. Whether you're wearing them with a vest, leather jacket, pairing it with a t-shirt... there are so many ways to style them. 

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4 Jewelry Designers To Check Out Now

Accessories can turn up the volume on any outfit. You can go from simple to chic in a matter of seconds with the right necklace, layered arm candy, and stacks of rings. With that in mind, here are some jewelry designers that are creating great outfits with their statement jewelry designs. Get ready to accessorize!

Laura Lombardi  Jewelry

Gold Rectangle Necklace via Etsy

Laura has both an Etsy and Big Cartel shop. Structured and a bit industrial can describe her aesthetic. She focuses on geometric and fluid jewelry design. I am a big fan of delicate jewelry and these pieces provide that look but with very sturdy metals. Each piece is handmade in her Chicago studio using mostly repurposed and vintage materials. I would pair the rectangle necklace with an oversized sweater and riding boots.  The brass bar earring with hair up in a messy bun is a great combination as well.

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10 Pairs of Trendy Glasses

via Lord Ashbury

Glasses always seemed so unattractive to me - partially because I never thought I'd be able to pull them off. That was until I had to get a pair of my own about two years ago. Flash forward to now and I'm about to get my second pair, which I'm super excited about! Don't get me wrong -- I love my Ray-Bans but after having had them for two years I'm dying for something different. Not to mention, I know multiple people who own the same exact pair. Whether you're looking for fake or real glasses, there are plenty to choose from. Square, cat eye, rimless, and round are just a few styles that are offered!

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Bee's Christmas Wishlist

I kind of cheated when writing this post because while I do really want (or already own) the things on this list, I couldn't help but to incorporate gifts that I thought would be great for a wide variety of people in your life. I have things in every price range from budget to splurge in beauty, style, gadgets, and home, so hopefully you'll find something you want for yourself or someone in your life!

1) MOMA Rainbow umbrella - I am always losing my umbrellas so I can never have enough of them! This cheery umbrella is sure to brighten up any gray day.

2) Thermos Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Tumbler - Though I work from home, I drink coffee or tea in the mornings and I like it to stay piping hot!

3) Maryanne Moodie Wall Weaving - I've been obsessed with these weavings for a long time and definitely plan on buying one in the near future. Maryanne Moodie is my favorite, but there have been many other talented weavers as well! Also check out Etsy for affordable options, and I hear it's not that hard to learn how to DIY!

4) Hanging Desk Organizer - My desk is always a mess and I would love something like this to take advantage of vertical space. This is definitely a splurge item, but Anthropologie also carries so many other beautiful office supplies like this pencil holder and this stapler.

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Annie's Holiday Wishlist

Christmas is right around the corner and while having a happy, healthy family is more than I could ask for, if anyone's asking I wouldn't mind a few of these items! Every day my son becomes more and more aware of his surroundings and really enjoys playing! I would love to get this teepee (featured above) for him to create an exciting environment for him to play in. Here are a few other things on my wishlist... 

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