10 Reasons To Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month

Were you aware grilled cheese has an entire month dedicated to its deliciousness? I had no idea, but I cannot think of a better way celebrate one of my favorite sandwiches. Unfortunately, April is already half way through, which means more than two weeks have gone by and I have yet to take part in the indulgence. 

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Sarah’s Shopping Bag: RVCA

Like all cool things, I found out about RVCA while scrolling through Pinterest. I loved a dress I found and immediately wanted to buy it, but as soon as I started going through all the items on RVCA, I couldn’t decide what I loved most! Their cool surf style looks really comfy for late spring and summer wear. I love all of the fun prints and bright colors. They offer such awesome swimsuit styles too! Here are some of my favorite RVCA finds.

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7 Formal Spring Dresses Under $120

After the holidays, the winter months tend to become very quiet. Nobody really wants to have a big party when going outside involves five minutes of strategic layering and wrapping. But as soon as the weather begins to warm, the invitations start arriving for everything: weddings, dances, graduations, family events, really any excuse to enjoy the weather. As fun as a party is, dressing for each of them can get costly quickly, especially when formalwear is necessary. 

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5 Nature Inspired DIYs

Spring always reminds me that nature is a beautiful thing. I think of growth and creation, which inspires me to create some beauty of my own! That’s why I am sharing these beautiful nature inspired DIYs. Because who doesn’t want to create something beautiful?!

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Allison Reviews: April Ipsy Box

I’ve been meaning to try Ipsy for a while. Once it was my turn on the waiting list, I received my April Ipsy box in the mail! Here’s what was in it…

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Katie’s Spring Style Inspiration

It can be hard to know how to dress in the spring, especially in Texas. It’s cold one day and hot the next, so you never really know what to wear day to day. My spring style inspiration is kind of all over the board in terms of layers. Some days a simple sundress is perfect, other days I have to throw on a jacket… it can be annoying but at least i have options! Here are some outfits I am totally loving for spring in Texas.

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10 Tiny Foods That Are Worth Ruining Your Diet

Junk food is definitely my weakness, but after trying to get healthier this spring, it’s just something I have to turn down. But tiny junk food… well, I don’t think it would do too much harm to my diet. Check out these tiny foods to obsess over this weekend… 

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