What You Need To Know When Mixing Prints

For those who don’t play with prints often, mixing them can be one of the most intimidating styling secrets around. If you can master mixing patterns, the amount of outfits you hold in your closet can double and your pieces instantly become more fashionable. Patterns add interest to any outfit and the art of mixing these patterns is a technique any woman should be able to do for a quick and instant style upgrade.

K E E P  I T  I N  T H E  F A M I L Y

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When mixing prints keep it all in the same color palette. If you make sure that your prints have the same undertones then they are less likely to compete with one another, regardless of the print. This keeps continuity and makes the outfit “match,” drawing the look together via your printed pieces. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to all be the same shade, but having a central color theme or palette to work from allows you to blend your prints, and entire look, more seamlessly. Having a head to toe color scheme helps in this process.

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6 Rain Boots You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Even if rain boots aren’t really your thing, everyone needs some protective footwear when it’s cold and raining. And if you’re looking for some cute boots that you’ll actually want to wear when it starts pouring, here are six boots that are sure to go with what you’ll be wearing this fall…

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My 6 Go-To Makeup Items for Asian Skin

When I first started using makeup, I had some difficulty managing an oily t-zone and complementing my dark features.   After lots of experimenting with too-light foundations and unflatteringly cool lip colors, I’ve found the beauty products that work for my Asian skin!

1.Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Glow 

I’ve tried blushes in the past that washed me out or looked unnaturally pink.  The Too Faced Perfect Flush is perfect for my skin.  Its three colors can be used separately as a blush, highlighter and bronzer.  I’ve always used them mixed together, which gives a warm glow mixed with a little bronzing action and slight shimmer.  Bonus points for the adorable packaging!

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26 Photos That Will Give You The Travel Bug

I had the absolute privilege of traveling to Cyprus, Jordan, and Turkey for the month of April. Ever since then, I’ve had the travel bug, or wanderlust, if you will. I’ve been craving new experiences, new smells, new tastes, new views, new people… all the beauty that comes with traveling.

I spend my time perusing Pinterest, my old photos, anywhere on the Internet really, to find images that may satisfy the itch. I’m talking scenery, fashion, food, generally good vibes, anything to stick on my bucket list. I can’t wait for the day that I look back at this visual checklist and see that everything is marked off — with the photo, journal entry, and memory to prove it! Check out 26 of my favorite images, and where I hope my next adventures will take me!

T H E  S C E N E R Y

My first desperate need to go to any new place is based on the scenery and visual beauty that I’ll get to experience. My attempts to satisfy this scenic craving will come from a beautiful photo that attempts to capture the essence of a beautiful and special place. Check out some of my recent scenic finds!

Mount Storm King in Port Angeles, Washington via Coffee in the mountains

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5 Tips For Decorating Your Dorm

Back to school is quickly approaching. If you are a first year student who will be living in a dorm, you are in for one of the most memorable years of your life. When I lived in a dorm my first year of college I had no idea what to expect. I was stuck in a triple residence hall, which is the smallest living accommodation my university offers. Over the course of the year I certainly learned how to make the most of new home by adding personal touches to the bare walls, making my space organized, and storing my things that I wasn’t using. Here are some of my best dorm decorating tips to make your transition into a smaller space as smooth as possible.

 S E E K  U N L I K E Y  S T O R A G E  S P O T S

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In a tiny dorm room, one of the best things you can do is maximize storage. My freshman year I was crammed in a room with 2 other girls and any type of storage you can get will be great for saving space. Having smart storage lets you utilize every single nook in your dorm room from behind the door to under the bed. If possible, one of my biggest tips is getting a look at where you will be living before you actually get to move in. I YouTubed videos of my dorm online and you may be surprised at the number of people who give dorm tours! I was able to see what the size of the dorm was and how many drawers my desk had.

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5 Ways To Wear Fall’s Hottest Accessory

Although it’s a little painful to think that summer is already almost over, there’s a way to wear a reminder of those warm days spent at the beach. Pearls aren’t just for spring and summer—these classic accessories will be everywhere this fall, from shimmery manicures to a simple strand.

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Pearls are a great way to add a little color and texture to all of those fall/winter neutrals in your closet. Whether it’s with embellishments or just a fun manicure, here are a few ways to wear pearls this fall…

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My Picks & How To Style The Altuzarra For Target Collection

Up and comer Joseph Altuzarra and 2014 CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year is the latest designer to have a collab with Target (which will also be available globally at Net-A-Porter). Releasing September 14, the line encompasses 50 pieces that range from $10 to $89.99. You can find everything from coats to lingerie in Altuzarra’s stunningly sophisticated line. The colors and textures in every piece encompass Fall 2014′s trends, but it is all runway quality at affordable prices. My top picks are all finds that are unique from anything else you can find right now at this price point for the quality, trendiness and versatility.

1. Sweater with Crane Embroidery - This wide neck sweater is one of the most casual pieces from the collection, but can be easily dressed up with the right pieces. The embroidered cranes on the neck add a stunning detail to this all black knit sweater. There is also an accompanying  structured crane dress in the collection if you love the detailing on the sweater. $49.99

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