9 Tips for Styling Patterned Shorts

Everyone knows how to style a good pair of denim or colored shorts. Almost any top matches, throw on any pair of your shoes then you’re out the door. Circa summer 2014 and every store is selling patterned shorts with prints from tribal to flower to tie-dye. They’re cute, but the biggest question is how do you style them? A white shirt is obvious, but what about when you’re ready for a night out and want to wear the cute new pair of shorts you bought, or would love to wear them to work?

Patterned shorts have quickly become a favorite staple in my closet because they are so versatile. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, making them surprisingly much easier to style than you might think. Not only are they super chic, but they are extremely comfortable. If that won’t get you to try printed shorts, I don’t know what will.

 1. Chelsea Flower Chiffon Top  |  2. Alice+Olivia Oliver Blazer  |  3. Boy by Band of Outsiders Shibori Plaid Shorts   |  4. Rebecca Minkoff ‘MAC’ Clutch Bag  |  5. Stuart Weitzman D’Orsay Pumps | 6. Lucite and Metal Triangle Necklace

Just because you work an office job that doesn’t mean you have to lose any sense of style you have. Making a black and white patterned pair of shorts the focus of your outfit makes your look professional yet chic. By dressing the outfit up with a color blocked open front blazer and black heels the look is complete and much more modest than the typical print shorts.

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8 Delicious Recipes To Make With Nutella

If there’s one thing that I absolutely love eating, it’s Nutella. I used to love Nutella so much that I constantly had a jar in my room with a bag of pretzels to match, but I’ve calmed down a bit since then. While I still crave entire spoonfuls of my favorite chocolate hazelnut spread, I now try to opt for foods to make with Nutella instead of eating just the chocolate itself.

I would have to say that my favorite Nutella-based dessert of all time is a crepe with the hazelnut spread and strawberries/bananas. Now that I’m trying to expand my horizons in the dessert world, I’ve been searching for delicious new recipes to try at home. So far, I’ve found a few amazing treats for Nutella lovers and super-fans to enjoy!

 via Sweet and Savory Tooth

1. Nutella-Banana Crepes 

I had to start this off with my personal favorite. It’s lightweight, delicious, and tastes great with fruit! I would just add a bit of powdered sugar, along with some whipped cream and ice cream for it to pretty much be the best dessert ever.

I have a favorite place in NYC called Creperie that makes just about any Nutella crepe you can imagine. Their “Chocolate Lovers” and “The Famous” crepes are to die for! And for anyone looking to re-create this amazing treat at home, Sweet and Savory Tooth gives a full guide on how to bring quality crepes to your dessert plate.

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18 Perfect Back-To-School Bags

Every year I’m on the hunt for a new school bag. And every year, there are beautiful new trends for what bag I want to invest in! Middle school years were the monogrammed LL Bean backpack, high school had the strappy Urban Outfitters bag and the messenger bag. The struggle always was how to fit all of my books, binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, and everything else absolutely necessary for pre-college life. But now that I take only a few classes every day, I can finally put form over function! Check out these 18 amazing bags for back-to-school this fall!

1. Madewell transport tote | 2. Valentino graphic bag | 3. Humble chic vegan tote | 4. Tory Burch tote | 5. Modcloth striped tote | 6. Baggu basic tote

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Taylor’s Recipe For A Perfect, Sunless Tan

Coming from someone with skin whiter than a sheet of loose leaf paper — okay, maybe not that light, but pretty close — I am the biggest advocate for sunless tanning. I’m sure some of you can relate. I’m not one of those people who refuse to go into the sunlight… I’ve been a head lifeguard at a lake every summer for three years, and I’m at the beach any chance I get. But I am one of those people who applies sunblock like a fiend, and have yet to set foot in a tanning bed. Instead, I opt for the safer, easier and more economical route: sunless tanning.

This is my very own recipe that I use in order to achieve a faux, sun-kissed look throughout my summers (and even during the year)! Follow these steps and you’ll literally be glowing in no time, with a natural (and safe!) look.

1) Victoria’s Secret’s Self-Tanning Tinted Spray | 2)  Tarte Brazilliance Mitt Duo | 3) Paula’s Choice’s Almost The Real Thing Self-Tanning Gel  | 4) Sonia Kashuk® Couture Shower Cap | 5) Aromatherapy Associates’ Polishing Body Brush | 6) Jergens’ Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer 

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A Sporty Ensemble Fit For Fashion Police Approval

Feeling motivated to go to the gym requires three components: having a workout pal, a routine, and a killer outfit that’s both comfortable and cute. Sometimes you don’t have time to shower and change post-endorphin high so running errands in gym clothes shouldn’t be an extension of your gym sesh, jumping over hurdles trying to rush out of stores in embarrassment. Feeling good is also about looking good in an outfit that says “yeah, I work out… but you’ll never see me break a sweat (well, figuratively).”

1. Top

Who hasn’t repped their college at the gym? A play on a certain Ivy League school’s name, the Sub_Urban Riot Kale Racer Tank ($34) is perfect for grabbing a cold-pressed juice with gym buds after spin class and paying homage to the kale craze. It’s super soft – the kind of cotton/poly blend you just want to wear all day, sleep in, and wait until someone makes a comment to consider changing into a different shirt – plus, the lightweight fabric won’t turn into a heavy, sweat-drenched rag. And hey, If Beyonce is a fan of the phrase, I think we all have a duty to support any trend that Queen B has worn.

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A Chakra-Inspired Beauty Guide For Summer

Have you ever worn a certain color to perk yourself up? I’ve been reading up about theories of chakras lately, and how different colors can really impact your moods—it’s so fascinating!

Chakra theory was first developed by Hindus and has since been adopted by Buddhists, too. Basically, the body has seven main areas (or ‘wheels’) that act as energy points, starting from the pelvic region and leading up in a straight line to the top of the head. Each of the seven areas has a separate color that is believed to be responsible for different properties and healing powers.

Red governs the base chakra at the base of the spine. It is the area of survival and stability and your place on this earth, and connects us to our physical body.

When to wear it: When you need a boost of self-confidence

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What I Would Tell My College Freshman Self Today

Three years ago, I remember my parents and peers telling me how quickly college would fly by as I began to make a list of dorm supplies to buy before moving into my freshman dorm. My 18 year old self didn’t believe them at the time, but soon enough, the school I saw as a foreign place quickly turned into my second home, and my new friends into family. My freshman year was definitely an emotional roller coaster from adjusting to a new life away in a different state, to sharing a small room with three girls, and finding my place on a new campus.

Now as an incoming senior, I’m finding it hard to imagine how life will be away from school after graduation. Although my mistakes have shaped me into who I am today, I still wish I could have gotten a few pieces of solid advice at the time. After reflecting on these past three years, these are some of the things I would tell my 18 year old self today:

1.The person you are at 18 is not who you’ll be 21, and so on. 

Although I was told that I wouldn’t be the same person between freshman and senior year, I still didn’t understand what that really meant until now. In three years, I’ve grown from a shy and unconfident 18 year old to someone much more comfortable in her own skin, and I thank college for teaching me that it’s okay to be yourself.

We sometimes lose touch with old friends from home and high school while in the midst of meeting new college friends and adapting to a new environment, and that’s also okay. Take these four years to really learn about yourself, and let everyone else find their path too.

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