How To Find Your Perfect Blush

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If I had to choose one makeup product to wear for the rest of my life (let’s hope it never comes down to that), it would be blush. Although blush is not my favorite kind of makeup, it is the only product that can totally transform your face. A little pop of blush can make your face come alive and look fresher. There is no rule to makeup, feel free to use whatever makes you feel amazing but to choose the perfect blush that compliments you is an art. Take into consideration your skin tone and your undertones and then go ahead and base your blush color selection on that.

H O W  T O  F I N D  Y O U R  P E R F E C T  B L U S H

If you have a fair or porcelain skin tone with a pink undertone, opt for a light blush. A dark blush shade will make you look like a clown. Peach and pink shades will give your face that subtle glow and will really compliment your coloring. I recommend MAC’s MelbaNARS’ Orgasm and Illamasqua’s Tremble.

For medium complexions (generally tan, golden or olive undertones), stick to warm blush colors like plums and corals. I recommend L’Oreal Paris’ True Match Super-Blendable Blush in Spiced Plum, Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Blissful and Marc Jacobs Bold Blush in Shameless.

Dark complexions will work perfectly with very warm shades such as bronze-gold, deep pink and deep plum. But don’t choose anything too bright- you don’t want to look like you stepped out of the circus! I recommend MAC’s Raizin, NYX’s Powder Blush in Cinnamon and Mary Kay’s Mineral Cheek Color in Dark Cherry.

As I mentioned before, there is no set rule for makeup. Play around and see what works best for you! You never know, maybe you can find a bright shade does go well with your dark skin or a dark shade does go well with your porcelain complexion. It is all about trial and error until you find what makes you feel amazing.

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What is your go-to blush?

9 Gray Items I’m Craving This Fall

via Elle

Gray is one of my favorite neutral colors. It seamlessly blends together black and white to produce a soft gray that looks great with my skin tone. Because I have a darker complexion, it is able to pick up my purple undertones and accentuate them. The color compliments me in every way imaginable, and it is for that reason that the color gray matters to me and my fall wardrobe. My wish list of items range from footwear to home décor because my obsession with this color knows no bounds. In a nutshell, gray is a color of composure as it sits between two opposite colors (black and white), but it is also a classic, which is sleek and refined. Its ability to be all these things is why my fall must-have color is gray.

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7 Fall Makeup Tutorials To Try

If I had to choose my favorite season in terms on makeup trends, I’d have to choose fall. The dark smoldery eyes and a deep lip is right up my alley. Challenge yourself to try something new this season — try that bold lip you have been too afraid to try! Fall is a great time to switch up your beauty routine and use colors that you don’t normally wear. You typically see the same makeup look during the fall, but here are some video tutorials from well known beauty YouTube gurus that can spice up the repetitive fall look.

1. Sunset Eyes by Teni Panosian

2. Cranberry Makeup Tutorial by Carli Bybel

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Is H&M’s Sister-Brand “& Other Stories” the Next Big Thing ?

via Sarah Illenberger 

H&M’s sister-brand, & Other Storiesmade its grand debut this week with the opening of its first US flagship store in New York City. On Thursday, October 16th, a lucky few stood in line and waited as this “must-have” European brand unlocked its doors for the first time. As evident by the storefront’s long line and crash of its e-commerce site, which works in tandem with the NYC location, & Other Stories‘ stateside presence has been long anticipated. And why shouldn’t it be? The brand is in a league of its own.

“Basic non-basics” is how they characterize themselves, and their collaborations as well as each piece of their in-house collection (which ranges from a $8 hand lotion to a $475 mohair-blend coat) resonates with an element of simplicity and luxury. There’s no doubt in my mind that & Other Stories be a new shopping favorite for the US fashionista, for their key to success lies not only in their partnership with retailer favorite, H&M, but their ability to produce collections that can compete with top contenders like COS, Topshop, and Zara. And luckily, they’re doing just that.


via Vogue Italia

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Oversized Scarves to Keep You Warm This Fall

via Teen Vogue

With the weather getting colder and colder, it’s time to take out one of my favorite cold weather accessories: scarves! I am especially obsessed with the oversized scarves trend. Unlike regular scarves, oversized scarves are definitely statement pieces when it comes to adding that extra oomph to your outfit!

1. Oversized Square Scarf in Check, ASOS | 2. Oversized Geo Blanket Scarf, Urban Outfitters | 3. Demi Boucle Oversized Scarf, Free People | 4. Two-Toned Checked Scarf, Zara | 5. Oversized Knit Scarf, ASOS | 6. Jaya Scarf, Nasty Gal

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DIY: Tiny Gift Bags

Have you ever tried to wrap a gift that was too small for the gift bigs you had? I’m big on presentation and it’s always awkward when the recipient returns to the bag to make sure there isn’t anything left—so it’s always frustrating when I didn’t have a bag that was ever the right size (read: never) for the gift, especially for smaller beauty items, like nail polish or lipstick. Finally, I decided to just DIY my own tiny gift bags that are always going to be the perfect size.


  • Brown butcher paper (I used a recycled brown paper bag, but recycled scrapbook paper or newspaper would also be cute)
  • Twine or recycled bag handles
  • Glue
  • Alphabet stamp set + black ink pad, or any other decorations you might want
  • Something rectangular to measure your bag with—I recommend a small box, book or deck of cards

1. Taking the rectangular object, place it in the center of your paper. Fold one side of the paper over the object and then the other side, as if you are going to wrap the object. Trim the paper so that there is only a half inch to a full inch overlap between the sides. Glue or tape down.

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5 Mistakes I’ve Stopped Making In My Beauty Routine

via Then Let It Be

I’m admittedly not a huge fan of those ‘Here’s what you’re doing wrong’ posts that I frequently see on various beauty blogs. Not that I don’t enjoy learning a thing or two, but the phrasing and idea of the posts themselves seems to come from more of a negative, bossy tone rather than a helpful guide of how I can make the most of my mornings getting ready.

With that being said, I’ve made a ton of mistakes since I’ve entered the world of makeup, but I had to learn from some of my mistakes the hard way—the hard way usually involving me gasping at my appearance as soon as I’m home from a long day at work, or a delicate suggestion from a friend involving a change in my routine. I still need all the help I can get, but if you’re curious, here are a few of my mistakes that I’ve since corrected…

Not switching out my foundation and concealer with the seasons.

I’m not saying that I tend to switch out my makeup completely on the first day of summer or anything, but I was guilty of using the same foundation/concealer in the same shade year round. What I wasn’t really thinking about was how my skin was reacting to the change in weather (I need something much lighter in the summertime versus the winter) and that I definitely need to be matched for a warm-weather foundation as soon as I spend a little time in the sunshine.

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