12 Ways To Style In-Between Length Hair

I recently parted with my long locks and dead ends, and now happily sport a shoulder-length bob. While I miss my longer hair sometimes, this new length is very versatile. If you’re contemplating making the change to in-between length hair, here are ten easy ways to style it!

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1. Wear it half-up, half-down. This can be easily doubled as a casual day look and elegant night style.

2. Braid your hair into a headband! There are tons of tutorials to achieve the same look, but my favorite one can be found here.

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The 4 Essential Jeans (And How To Style Them!)

My job at Madewell has really taught me a lot about the modern woman’s wardrobe. What I’ve discovered to be especially crucial is the denim choices. I’ve become an expert on Madewell’s denim bar — the skinny skinny jeans, the skinny skinny crop, the boy jean, the denim legging… for all of the above, I have a comprehensive knowledge on how they fit, how they feel, how they stretch, and how they work for everyone’s body types. I thought I’d throw together an easy-to-reference, go-to list of the four essential jeans for every woman, and how to style them!

T H E  C L A S S I C  S K I N N Y

Any woman’s go-to denim is the skinny jean. Go to a store like Madewell, JCrew, or Free People to take serious time and find your exact size and the particular style of skinny that works for your body. There is nothing better than finally finding that perfect pair, turning to the stylist, and saying: “I’ll take one in every color!”

Skinnies are great for any occasion, and can very easily be dressed up or down. I love pairing them with an oversized tee or sweater, and with a statement shoe (whether it’s a heel, sandal, or sneaker is totally up to you!). Playing with proportion is key, and is what makes a memorable outfit. Because skinnies are obviously more form-fitting, try a platform heel, large sweater, or oversized jacket. Use accessories to add in a pop of color or an alternative texture — if you allow the oversized top or cool shoes to also add in that extra color, the piece will become too much and overpower the outfit. Try to strike a balance with the different elements of the look!

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Beauty Review: SHOW Beauty Volumizing Lotion And Texture Spray

While some people choose to splurge on shoes or handbags, I am totally guilty of investing in hair products, skincare and makeup. I grew up in a very rural area with limited beauty options, so moving away to attend college definitely opened my eyes to all kinds of products—and I wanted to try them all! So on those days where I feel the need to treat myself, I will definitely see what’s next on my must-try list. And when Show Beauty sent me these products to review, it definitely felt like a ‘treat yourself’ kind of occasion…

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10 Tips To Help You Survive (and Enjoy) Your First Year Of College

For most, college is the first opportunity to experience freedom and independence away from home, while living in a community full of people your own age. That being said, attending a college is a huge life adjustment and comes with many changes. These easy tips will help you adjust more easily to your collegiate lifestyle and make the most of your time away at school…

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1. Be friendly!

Everyone is in the same boat when they first arrive at school. Introducing yourself to the people that live in your dorm or take the same classes as you is an easy way to make friends. You never know, the girl who lives next door could end up being your best friend for the rest of your life!

2.  Keep your dorm room door open.

Not only do you meet more people by keeping your door propped open when you are in the room, you will get a better feel for what is going on in your new residence. You can wave at people as they pass by or join in on a game going on in the hallway without missing out on anything while also showing off your perfectly paired milk crates, twin extra-long comforter and band posters.

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How I Dodged The Freshman 15

Yes, it is real. I know a couple of people personally who the Freshman 15 has caught hold of, and I went to school with a few girls (and guys) who also fell victim to it their first two semesters of college. The reason is simple: starting college is a huge change, and you’re on your own for the very first time. Living away at school was the first time in my life that I felt I had the most responsibility and pressure on me all at once. I had a lot of assignments due on the same days, two tests a week to study for, a part-time job, a roommate to get along with and new friends to see… hello, it is college after all!

The first week of my college career I lived at my university. I was so overwhelmed that I gained five pounds in the first week, living off campus food, Easy Mac and Ramen Noodles. I really didn’t see how I could make the time to prepare healthier options and on top of everything else I had to do, work out! But after feeling bloated, tired and genuinely crappy, I soon found ways to change my eating habits and inactive lifestyle, dodging the Freshman 15.

S W A P  S N A C K S 

Snacking is very important and you’ll be tempted to do a lot of in college. The good news is, you’re supposed to have two to three a day. The catch? The nutrition experts who suggest this aren’t talking about traditional junk food snacks like candy, chocolate and chips. They’re talking about protein-filled foods without high fat or calorie content. Here’s four main easy and inexpensive swaps that I made:

1. A bag of Doritos (907 calories) for three cups of Jolly Time lightly buttered popcorn (75 calories).

2. A snack size box of Reese Pieces (190 calories) for a handful of Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberries (170 calories)

3. A ½ cup  of chocolate ice cream (142.5 calories) for a ½ cup of Yogurtland’s Chocolate Truffle frozen yogurt (80 calories)

4. McDonald’s Ranch Snack Wrap (270 calories) for an Evolution Harvest Almond Cocoa Bar at Starbucks (180 calories)

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7 Tips For A Lovely Morning Routine

The mornings are a funny thing. As much as I love my snooze button, my bed, and my beauty sleep, there’s something that draws me to waking up with the peaceful morning light. Especially in the summer, the temptation to sleep in and get my day started after 3PM is sometimes too strong. I’ve adjusted my morning routine, though, to make my hour and a half before work every morning an energizing, and lovely, experience. Check out my seven tips for you to do the same!

G I V E  Y O U R S E L F  P L E N T Y  O F  T I M E

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It’s time to be realistic — how often do you hit the snooze button? How long do you linger in bed until you get up? Start factoring that extra time in, and set your alarm that much earlier. That way, you can dawdle in bed until you’re ready to face the day, and still have plenty of time for your morning rituals! Here’s a tip: do not set your favorite song as your alarm. I made the mistake of doing that, and now I associate my negative attitude of waking up with that song. Try switching your alarm music up every week — this will keep you from associating bad vibes with one particular song, and will add some necessary variety in your morning routine.

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Plan A Spa-Inspired Girls’ Night

Throwing an all-girls, no-boys-allowed bash doesn’t cease to exist past our pre-teen years. In fact, as adults we have a duty to keep our inner kid alive and do so by planning grown up get-togethers that channel our creative wonder. Girls’ night is usually comprised of chick flick marathons, cook-offs, or exploring some type of craft, but the one activity that will never get old is a spa mini-makeover.

I remember being around the ripe old age of eight and having friends over to celebrate my birthday with a spa-themed party. We headed out to the nail salon to get our hands and feet pampered and later turned my kitchen upside down while trying to create fragrant concoctions. This time around, I hope to avoid all the mess but still indulge in the same relaxing treatment. Sending out invitations might be a little juvenile, but I don’t know of a single friend who wouldn’t appreciate a formal invite to girls night with every working of a spa, champagne and all.

But before we get to refreshments, prepare to set the mood. Lighted incense or scented candles and a soothing playlist are both reminiscent of a spa ambiance. I like music with vocals rather than just instrumentals so I suggest downloading Someone Out Of Town by YunaLofticries by Purity Ring, and Wonder by Adventure Club for a more upbeat vibe that doesn’t disturb the tranquil energy. Also, if you are really getting into it, have robes ready for friends to throw on when they arrive.

Now onto beverages and snacks. Have a pitcher ready with iced water and lemon slices or brew herbal tea with milk and honey on the side. Champagne is a must for this kind of party. Lay out a spread of cheese and crackers with dishes of bruschetta and some sort of dip (my favorite is spinach artichoke!). For dessert, do something healthy but sweet and refreshing like lemonade pops with cucumber shavings.

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