8 Things You Should Consider When Adopting A Pet

After wanting to adopt a pup for years, I finally took a deep breath and headed to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center on Wednesday. After walking around and seeing all of those hopeful eyes looking back at me (I’m not going to lie, I was tearing up pretty badly and it wasn’t because of the dander), I saw a little furball wagging her tail and smiling at me. I opened the door to her room and she immediately went for me, spinning in circles and jumping up on me. I asked her if she wanted me to take her home and it became pretty clear that she was totally down for that. I headed back up to the front desk and signed her paperwork and I’m picking her up today!

Hello, Birdie! (I’m keeping this as a ‘before’ picture… she definitely has an oatmeal bath and good brushing in her future!)

I was lucky to grow up in the country, living with tons of different animals throughout my life. I never really viewed caring for my animals as a chore because we viewed them as members of our family, but taking proper care of a pet can be tough. Keeping this in mind, it baffles me when people are so eager to surrender their animals when their living situations change. I mean, I certainly know that it isn’t easy at times—a few years ago, I was going through some major issues and ended up leaving my cat with my ex-boyfriend. I knew that he would take wonderful care of her, but it’s something that still bothers me to this day. So if you’re thinking of adopting an animal, here are a few things to consider beforehand…

1. Is my current space big enough for my pet?

If you’re currently living in a small space, it may not be the best time to adopt an animal that requires space to play. If you’re in an efficiency or small space, I recommend getting a fish until you get a space that’s a little larger. I have three beloved betta fish (the last one I owned lived for many years) and I was a little surprised by how much I enjoy their company. If you already have a pet and relocated to a smaller space, make sure you make up for it with lots of walks and play time.

2. What will happen if I move and the place where I want to move doesn’t allow pets?

We haven’t found our forever home, so we are moving at least once every year or two. When you have a pet, it can impact your living arrangements and options. There are breed restrictions, expensive pet deposits and downstairs neighbors that won’t take kindly to a critter playing right above their heads. If this is something that gives you pause, it may be best to put the brakes on any plans to adopt just yet. There are tons of ways to work around this, though—request a ground floor apartment, save up for a pet deposit in advance, etc.

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Girl Crush: Pat McGrath

 via Fashion Bomb Daily

For years I had been reading Vogue, and noticing that each issue there would be such a creative take on the makeup for the front cover and throughout the entire magazine. After some research I came across makeup artist who created the work of art. That is where I had learned about Pat McGrath. If I had to name one person that inspired my love for all things beauty related it’s McGrath, one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the world. Currently an international makeup artist and the creative design director of Procter & Gamble Beauty, McGrath is a legend when it comes to her artwork as is my girl crush.

via SaksPov

It seems like she has had years of professional training, but think again! McGrath is self-trained and that’s why I think she is so special. I admire people who can create a fulfilling life for themselves by working hard believing in themselves. It takes a strong person to truly go after their dreams and Pat McGrath is a great role model for our generation. It boggles my mind how somebody can be so creative, it is truly inspiring.

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The New Beauty Brand You Need To Try

via Into The Gloss and Instagram

Into The Gloss just got glossier! Founder of the beauty website, Emily Weiss recently introduced Glossier, a new skincare line and a brick and mortar pop-up store in New York City. As a beauty obsessed enthusiast and a huge fan of ITG I am super excited to try this beauty brand! For those who are unfamiliar with Into The Gloss, CEO and founder Emily Weiss launched the blog in 2010. The website has garnered a loyal following with popular series Top Shelf, which features celebrities and ITG readers sharing their beauty routines as well as various other insightful features. With the beauty website’s success, it’s no surprise that the brand would want to expand and create its own line of products, which leads me to Glossier.

via Glossier

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The Ultimate Guide To Your 1920s Halloween Costume

During Halloween season we always see the typical flapper dress and when you think of The Roaring Twenties, flappers, jazz, lavish parties, the Charleston and The Great Gatsby may come to mind. But what you may not realize is how much the 1920′s have influenced our beauty and fashion today and how we can modernize the typical costume. The iconic 20′s look has been recreated for years and is the most influential and favorite time period for fashion, beauty and attitude for me. Here is a guide on how to dress and act like you just walked out of The Great Gatsby this Halloween

via MissAvagardner

The flapper, as most people know, is the beaded dress with red lips and bobbed hair look. But a flapper was not just a look — it was an attitude. They were characterized as being different, risk-takers, rebellious, going against the status-quo, sexual and freed from previous restrictions. Their attitude brought about the sexy and flashy beauty and fashion trends that we see inspiring people today. 

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Annie’s Plant-Based Diet Challenge: Week 2

(via cleanfooddirtycity)

If you didn’t read last week, I recently started a month-long plant-based diet challenge with my husband. The first week went pretty well: I had no problems with craving meat or sugar but started to feel lightheaded all the time. I started taking two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses a day in order to ensure I was getting enough iron and that helped temporarily.

I was really excited about starting week two, but towards the middle of the week things took a turn for the worse again. My lightheadedness was back and I began feeling close to fainting on a consistent basis. On top of that I also felt really spaced-out and nauseated. After almost passing out on the way to a restaurant and then still feeling totally crappy after eating a huge vegan meal, I decided to reevaluate my diet. The whole reason I wanted to do this in the first place was to have enough energy to take care of my baby and feel great and since this was achieving the opposite, clearly I needed to make some changes.

I decided to eat some meat the next day as an experiment. If it made me feel better, obviously it’s something my body needs. My husband and I went out on a date night (our first in over 12 weeks!), I had some gluten free pesto pasta with chicken and wouldn’t you know I immediately felt more stable, grounded and like “myself.”

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6 Hairstyles I’m Dying To Try This Fall

Once the weather starts to cool down a little, I become way more adventurous with my hair. It may be because I’m in layers and I need my hair off of my back, or because it’s been cool and there was no need to wash my hair this week. Either way, I always bookmark a few different hairstyles to try once the humidity goes away. Here are a few styles that I’ll definitely be wearing this fall…

via Harper & Harley 

I switch up my part pretty regularly, but I love the idea of a deep side part. It’s a great way to get some extra volume. It’d be a perfect style for date night—the idea of looking out from underneath your hair can create a sultry, mysterious vibe.

via Viciously Cyd 

This is some pretty gorgeous bedhead. I’m definitely making it a point this fall to embrace my natural texture and rock the bedhead every once and a while. I could use the extra sleep after all. Just put your hair in a ponytail or bun before bed and wake up, take it down, spritz some texturizing spray or dry shampoo and you’re good to go!

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Allison’s 9 Beauty Essentials For Fall

While I’m busy trying to control my oil and shine in the warmer months, my skin and hair pulls a complete 180 once the weather cools down. Before I know it, my hair is dry and lifeless and my skin is flaky and blotchy. It’s so important to slow things down and take those preventative measures before cracked skin and hair breakage starts to go down. Here are some of my beauty essentials that I’ll definitely be using this season…

Aesop Rinse-Free Hand Wash | Grey Garden Fragrance | Crabtree & Evelyn Citron, Coriander and Honey Hand Therapy | Living Proof Instant Protection Spray | MAC Foundation Brush #188 | Catbird Horn Comb | Ilia Balmy Nights | NARS Highlighting Blush in Miss Liberty | Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

I’m definitely toting around the hand sanitizer this fall and winter. It can be really tough to find a good product that doesn’t dry out my hands and nails, but after hearing wonderful things about Aesop’s Rinse-Free Hand Wash. It’s infused with mandarin orange and lavender essential oils and doesn’t dry out my hands!

I must admit that it was the pressed flowers and branding that originally sucked me into trying this fragrance, but it was one of those instances when judging a perfume by its bottle really paid off. It’s musky and feminine all at once, and it’s made with natural ingredients. Score.

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