12 Easy Sack Dresses For Summer

Even though the summer solstice has passed, the sun and heat of the summer is still in full swing! That means that my favorite part of these wonderful months is still around: the sack dress.

I know the term “sack dress” sounds pretty unattractive, but it is, hands down, my favorite article of clothing. A sack dress is a loose-fitting dress that, on the hanger, looks like a sack. But on a person, it does magical things. Sack dresses are perfect for summer simply for the ability to play with proportions! A shorter and loose dress means over-the-knee socks and fun sandals. The longer sack dress means a cropped sweater or jacket thrown on top.

Whatever the length, this variety in proportions leads to an incredibly dynamic outfit. What else do you need for summer? Enough with the over-styled, over-accessorized looks I’ve been seeing this season, give the sack dress a try;you’d be amazed at how the simplicity and alternative proportion can lead to a wonderfully chic look!

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Create Your Own Organization Binder

The other day, while trying to understand the abstract work of art that are the scribbles in my monthly planner, it occurred to me that I should keep an organization binder to better separate my to-do list. But then I thought, why stop at a customized calendar? I designed a fitness log, travel checklist, groceries checklist and later, for the purposes of this blog, a monthly budget and chore chart for kids or adults (download all five PDF files below). Each one is universal for most gym-goers and jet-setters, however, making your own organizational chart, list, and log to match your lifestyle is super easy with Microsoft Word. The next step is to print them out and use a three-hole punch to insert them into a binder. Dividers will come in handy since you can label the tabs according to your organizational need.

Fitness Log (PDF file)

It sounds tedious but a fitness log is a really helpful visual record of your progress and aims. Whether you want to slim down, build muscle, eat cleaner, elevate mood, reduce risk of disease, lower cholesterol, drink more water, or all of the above, writing down your daily meals and activity will make it all the more possible. Consistently keeping track of eating habits and your improvement will encourage drive, promote self control, and bump up your confidence in reaching a specific goal. Establish a target weight and record day-t0-day changes in body measurements throughout the period of time you give yourself to shed pounds. While using an app, such as myfitnesspal, might be more convenient, having physical evidence is a concrete promise to yourself; anything digital can be easily overlooked or deleted. However, download a calorie counter to calculate and document calorie intake and calories burned. Additionally, the Nike+ Running app monitors distance traveled when running outdoors.

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What To Wear Throughout Your Entire Summer Romance!

There is no better season that caters to romance more than the summer time. The heat, warm sun, lazy days and relaxed schedule leaves more time than any other season to really spend time with your boo. These 7 summer date outfit inspirations will keep you looking fab throughout summer love, midnight kisses, shooting stars and secret wishes.

1. ASOS Pretty Swing Dress With Embroidery | 2. Kate Spade New York Small Square Stud Earrings | 3. Rebecca Minkoff Bailey Hobo | 4. Essie Hunter Nail Polish | 5. Madewell The Slide Sightseer Sandal | 6. ALDO Curado Ring Set | 7. Slim Enamel Initial Bangle Bracelet | 8. Michael Kors ‘Bailey’ Bracelet Watch

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My Beauty Health Regimen

Beauty is an investment. At least that’s what I’ve been told and I don’t mean that in a “wow, this mascara is $30!?” kind of way. In today’s society, which advertises a thin culture and gives surgical access to people willing to pay large sums of money to achieve their ideal body, beauty can really break the bank. I fight the mold of what is considered beautiful by being my own kind of beautiful.

1. Night Cream and Daily Moisturizer

My mother, who from an early age started applying night cream and face moisturizer every day, has yet to see more than a few wrinkles. She is living proof that taking care of your skin pays off in the long run. I have taken her advice to start young and formed a skincare routine comprised of Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Night Cream, Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent! Eye Cream, and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+. Making a habit of caring for your skin seems like a chore at first, but I’ve come to acknowledge that 40 years from now I will be thanking myself. These products basically serve as a time capsule.

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7 Ways To Use Ice Cubes In Your Summer Beauty Routine

via Fiesty Veggies

Ice cubes are a great way to keep yourself cool during the hot summer months, but did you know that you can also incorporate them into your beauty routine? Here are a few great ways to start using ice cubes in your summer beauty routine…

1. De-puff eyes

Ice is a great way to reduce swelling around the eye area. Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and lightly glide the ice over your eyes for a few minutes. I also use this trick to help clear up any redness in my eyes. You may want to wear a glove when applying the ice to your skin—it will become uncomfortable to hold the ice with your bare hands for too long.

2. Perk up tired skin

Ice is believed to improve circulation in the skin. The body responds by gradually by sending an increased flow of warm blood to the area. Be careful that you’re not applying ice taken straight from the freezer—extreme cold applied straight away can actually harm your skin. Place the ice in a glass for a couple of minutes and then take to your skin. Also be careful not to apply the ice to any broken capillaries on the skin.

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The Five Essential Neutral Layers For Summer

I’m a retail stylist at Madewell part-time, so I’ve been trained to follow their dress code. For the most part it’s pretty lenient — I wear Birkenstocks literally every day to work. However, the challenge that I’ve found is their rule about knits (T-shirts and knit tanks): I always, always, always need a layering piece on top of it.

While this may seem simple enough because I’m perpetually cold and always have a cardigan nearby, as the summer has gone on, it’s become increasingly difficult to creatively add in a third piece to my outfit. Sure, I could take the easy way out and just grab my favorite knit cardigan… but there are so many more possibilities for cute layering pieces for summertime! Check out some of my new go-to neutral third pieces after my summer styling gig at Madewell!

1. UNIQLO light cardigan | 2. High cardigan | 3. MAX MARA cardigan | 4. Ralph Lauren cardigan | 5. Fluffy knit cardigan | 6. Vanessa Seward knit cardigan | 7. Oversized knit cardigan | 8. JCrew boyfriend cardigan | 9. Short-sleeved cardigan | 10. Grey madder cardigan

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Throwback Thursday: 15 Songs That Defined My ’90s Adolescence

I was born November 29, 1991, which makes me  two things: a Sagittarius and most importantly… a ’90s girl.

There are countless social media pages dedicated to this amazing stretch of time and why it was the best decade — refer to my favorite for some relatable struggles and “oh my gosh, yes!” moments here. Honestly though, if it were a life-or-death situation and I had to choose just one thing that I missed most about growing up in the ’90s? Next to my ribbon dancer and Polly Pocket, it would have to be the music. And I am sure of this every day, as I constantly catch myself mumbling that they don’t make music like they used to, when my younger coworkers try desperately to convince me just how amazing Justin Beiber and One Direction are.

So in honor of Throwback Thursday and the ’90s in general, I thought I’d make a playlist, allowing us all to rewind back to 10 plus years and a whole other world. These are the 15 songs that ruled my life in  the ’90s… the ones I saved up a week’s worth of allowance to buy the CD. The ones I would try to learn the music video dance moves to on MTV. And the ones that I would listen to while hanging out with my friends on my bad ass Walkman (may it rest in peace!).

1. Wannabe by Spice Girls

In a day and age where pop music girl bands are extinct, I would like to make this my number one. The concept of a group of girls singing about having each other’s backs, and only allowing a guy to come into their life with the approval of her besties, might be an outrage today. On a side note, the Spice Girls also doubled as hilarious actors in their movie Spice World, and made for great Barbie dolls.

2. Bye Bye Bye by *NYSNC

I was blessed enough to see *NYSNC in concert, and when this song came on, the audience of adolescent and young adult girls alike melted. Bye Bye Bye is just one of their many songs that had an upbeat and catchy vibe , which masked their true, hopeless romantic selves. The ’90s was also prime for boy bands, so the group thrived in their natural habitat – the frosted and spiky hair, the killer hip hop dance moves and the at times cringe-worthy, campy music videos made them all the more loveable.

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