8 Tips For An Easy, Stress-Free Move

I have a love-hate relationship with moving. My inner organizer rejoices at the thought of completely clearing out most of my belongings, while the other (lazier) side of me groans and complains until it’s done. And although my partner and I are only moving four stories down in our current building next month, I’ve moved enough times in my college years to become quite a pro. Here are some tips that I’ve learned firsthand on how to make the most of your upcoming move…

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1. Accumulate your incoming mail and make a list of where you need to change your address.

Is your monthly subscription set to arrive soon? How about those bank statements and that upcoming Anthropologie catalog? Make a little list of the mail that you receive regularly and get it updated. Because you’re doing this early, you’re getting a good list of all of the mail that you receive for the month, so you won’t forget anything.

2. Go ahead and go through your closets now.

Chances are, if you’re moving in a month, you won’t be needing your spring wardrobe. Go through your closet and start compiling a donation pile. This way, you’ll be starting at this new place without that clutter and it’s also less for you to pack! Fold your other clothes in the dresser and prepare them to be boxed up—anything that’s hanging can simply be placed in a hanging garment bag.

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Tips And Tricks For A Flawless Long Bob

Normally, the in-between stage of growing out your hair can be awkward. I’ve always avoided cutting my hair short because I dreaded this stage. But recently, I’ve noticed many celebrities and bloggers sporting the long bob—a blunt cut that just brushes your shoulders or collarbones. They’re actually flattering on most face shapes, and you can see in the pictures I rounded up that the long bob works well with most hair textures too (I particularly am a fan of the wavy style). Plus, the style is still long enough to pull up in a ponytail for runs or that second-day, no-time-to-shower look.

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But before you cut any inches off your hair, consider these tips and tricks.

1. Your hair texture might change.

I normally keep my hair long, but on the few occasions I’ve cut my hair short, the texture has dramatically changed. It’s usually straight with a few waves throughout, but when my hair is shorter, it’s a lot more kinky and wavy—something I’m not used to and am not comfortable styling. Keep in mind that long hair is heavier and your hair’s natural texture might be weighted down.

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How To Get The Chelsea Boot Look For Less

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This fall, I’ve definitely seen a return to more classic silhouettes, particularly ankle boots made of gorgeous leather or suede with low-stacked heels. Even though this may seem like an extremely specific style, I’ve actually had a hard time picking a pair to invest in because there is such a variety of boots in my favorite stores nowadays, until I saw these boots from J. Crew.

These boots are actually Chelsea boots, otherwise known as dealer boots, jodhpur boots or paddock boots, and they were extremely popular in the 1960s as everyone from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles wore them. I love the subtle rock-and-roll vibe that these boots can bring to an outfit. Unfortunately, $248 is a lot more than I can afford right now, but I was thrilled to find cheaper alternatives that still have the same feel—and almost half the price of J. Crew’s.

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A Sunday in Brooklyn

Now that summer is over and everyone is back in their usual work schedules, it’s hard to re-adjust to our old habits and professional lifestyles. In my case, it’s nearly impossible to get through an entire three-hour course without my summer daydreams getting in the way. One might think that living in a busy and crowded city like New York, doesn’t exactly help with the summer nostalgia… and one might be right. However there are some gorgeous neighborhoods and spaces hidden around the city that might just bring us back to paradise. Being a recently-declared Brooklynite, I recommend Brooklyn.

In the spirit of vacationing as often and as gracefully as possible, here is a run through of my ideal Sunday in Brooklyn:

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Allison’s Fall Beauty Wishlist

North Texas recently experienced a cold front that had most of Dallas scrambling to their nearest Starbucks in their leggings and quilted vests. And while that temperature drop was short-lived, that little taste of fall weather reminds me that it’s just around the corner. Unfortunately every year when fall arrives, my skin freaks out and leaves me with incredibly oily skin and dry cheeks and temples. Thanks to that premature cold front, I’m already getting ready to take preventative steps before autumn is here to stay. Here’s what’s on my beauty/skincare wishlist…

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7 Quilted Pieces To Try This Fall

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When I say the word, “quilted,” does it conjure up images of Vera Bradley? While I did have my own Vera wallet back in the day, I wouldn’t say that those quilted bags are part of my wardrobe anymore. But recently, the company made this surprising announcement that in order to appeal to more Millennials, they are going to carry quilted leather goods! I think that this a great move for the company, since the quilted trend is definitely coming back strong and sure this fall.

I personally love this trend! It adds more textual interest to your outfits, and there are so many ways to incorporate it, whether it’s a quilted cross body bag or a vest. It’s also a great fall trend because quilted pieces tend to be a little warmer with the double layer of fabric. I also think it has a preppy, polished look that can make an item look more expensive. Here are a few of my favorite picks…

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10 Cute Snoods To Wear This Fall

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Worn on your head or around your neck, a snood will help you brave through the heaviest of rains and the stiffest of breezes. Listed below are my top ten picks perfect for any type of fall weather. Ranging from the fluffy to ultra chic, these scarves epitomize everything I love about fall: rich colors and comfy knits.

1. H&M Knit Tube Scarf | 2. Sequin Snood | 3. Fisherman Rib Button Snood | 4. Mixed Knit Snood Scarf | 5. +Eleven Everything Foil-Print Wool Snood | 6. J. Crew Bandana Snood | 7. UGG Textured Snood | 8. Wine Zig Zag Snood | 9. Athleta ECHO Ombre Scarf 10. Dip Dye Snood

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