Annie’s Fall Wishlist

Living in New York can be tough, but having a true fall season is one of the things that makes it so worth it. As high temperatures and absurd humidity subside, I’m starting to consider my fall style. Here are some items on my fall wishlist!

1. Another reason to love fall is that you can actually wear attractive outerwear as opposed to the less than attractive puffy parkas we have to wear in the winter. I love this duster jacket and think it would look great with a casual tunic and some leggings. Sounds like my kind of outfit.

2. Another fashion forward and health conscious beauty product, this vampy oxblood red nail lacquer from RGB is Five-Free.

3. Carhartt really knows how to make a warm and durable beanie. I love their signature “Carhartt Brown” and think it looks great with a fall color palette.

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Allison’s Halloween Costume Bucket List

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday, so I love a good Halloween costume. Even if I’m not going anywhere (I usually like to just stay in and watch horror movies!), I definitely have a costume in mind, just in case I’m heading out. So instead of the usual generic costumes that I tend to see every year, I have a costume bucket list that doesn’t involve a trip to Party City or the costume aisle—it’s so much more fun to make your own, anyway.

Audrey Hepburn

via A Clockwork Pink 

I love Audrey Hepburn’s look in How To Steal A Million Dollars—and this would be a perfect alternative to all of the Holly Golightlys that are sure to be at that Halloween party.

Gene Tierney

via Flick Chart 

I’d love to emulate Gene Tierney’s look for a classic witch’s costume. Her hair and makeup, complete with those chic gloves would be absolutely perfect, don’t you think?

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Allison’s Favorite Fall 2014 Trends

I’m always excited for fall’s arrival, but this season’s trends definitely have me getting a little restless for the temperatures in Texas to drop. I’m loving that these fall trends are totally comfortable, but just a slight variation from my usual fall ensemble of knits and neutrals.

S T A T E M E N T  K N I T S

Cloudweight Plaid Pullover, Madewell | Deco Rose Mohair Sweater, Kate Spade | Merino Wool Mixed Media Sweater, J.Crew

When the cooler weather finally arrives, I find myself just wanting to throw on a sweater and head out the door with minimal accessories. A statement knit would be a perfect way to stay warm and cozy and skip any statement jewelry. You would wear these knits with denim, or dress them up for the office with a simple skirt or trouser.

E D G Y / D A I N T Y  J E W E L R Y

via Catbird 

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How To Find Your Favorite Fall Coat

We are now entering October and it is finally cooling down! The transition to fall can be fun, but finding the perfect fall coat can definitely be overwhelming. There are several different styles, colors, and fits and it is difficult to decide which styles to splurge on and which to save. Like a pair of jeans, you should save on trends but if a coat is timeless it is okay to splurge if necessary. I’ve narrowed my pick of what I consider “timeless” style of cold weather outwear to five. Each style is timeless and chic and every woman and body type is bound to find a perfect style.

via Bows and Sequins

T O G G L E  C O A T

1. H&M Duffle Coat | 2. Foley + Corinna Hooded wool toggle coat | 3. Zara Blazer Toggle Coat

A toggle coat is a unique find if you’re looking for a stylish way to bundle up in the cooler months. Look to this buckle coat if you want something that actually has a closure in the front for a secure bundle. There are so many styles ranging from long to short and with collars, embellished, or even full fur.

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Small Accessories To Add To Your Wardrobe This Fall

Bigger isn’t always better. And while I do believe in statement jewelry, I do think there’s a time and place for it. My favorite accessories always come miniaturized; they’re perfect little adjuncts to my otherwise minimalistic outfits. And yet, as small as they may be, these tiny pieces emphasize a subtle but certain brilliance. They add an element of fun and pizazz, which is why I only appreciate them that much more.

K E Y  C H A I N S

1. Alexander McQueen Red Enamel Cut-Out Skull Keyring | 2. Building Block Bar Leather Tassel  | 3. Cube Coin Keychain | 4. Michael Kors Fur Pom Keychain | 5. Vera Bradley Mirror Mirror Keychain in Sun Valley | 6. REDValentino Faux Glossed-Leather Fox Keychain | 7. Sophie Hulme Gold-Tone Whistle Keychain | 8. Henri Bendel Heart Lock Key Fob | 9. Collection Leather Keychain | 10. House of Holland Beaded Dog Keychain

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12 Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

Whether you’re planning on donning a costume or not, Halloween is a great time to have some fun with your makeup bag. If you’ve had cold feet about experimenting with a new look or color, it’s time to shed your inhibitions and go for it! Here are a few great looks to try this October 31.

via Columbine Smille 

I love this metallic eye/berry lip combination. Dark lipsticks can be a little tricky, but Halloween is the perfect time to try something a little darker!

via Ola Rudnicka, HonestlyWTF 

This statement lip with minimal eye makeup really pops, and it works just as well with a statement eye/minimal lip! If you have lighter-colored hair, experiment with a pastel-colored hair chalk to make those colors really pop.

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The Ultimate Movie List For October

I’m so excited that October is almost here, I’ve already started locating my favorite horror movies and even made an October playlist. And since last October was a little too hectic and stressful, my partner and I have decided that this October will be celebrated the right way! Here’s what’s on our movie list (in no particular order) for this year…

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street

I remember being at my grandparents’ house and watching this movie because my step-grandmother mistakenly thought it was a comedy. As a result, I was unable to bathe unaccompanied for a few days, but it remains to be one of my favorite horror movies of all-time.

2. Scream 

Definitely a Halloween classic! I watched this movie in junior high with some friends and none of us were able to get any sleep that night.

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